INTCO has shown its superiority at Children’s Photography Industry Development Summit2018-01-12

On November 23, 2017, the 9th Children’s Photography Industry Development Summit was successfully concluded in Xiamen, China.

Middle school students learned about Intco Styrofoam recycling in Shanghai2017-12-28

In November 2nd, 35 second grade pupils from a middle school in Shanghai learned a vivid lesson about environmental protection.

GREENMAX will always take the mission to protect our environment2017-12-22

The documentary "the blue planet II" attracted much attention recently, the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 19

Foam densifier from GREENMAX can do much help to polystyrene recycling and also the surrounding e...2017-12-16

Polystyrene, which is most often seen in the form of disposable food containers, insulating materials and packing materials

PE foam recycling can be handled easily and quickly by GREENMAX recycling machines2017-12-06

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is most commonly used to cushion products in packaging applications.

EPS fruit box recycling can be realized by polystyrene crusher and compactor provided by GREENMAX2017-12-02

EPS fruit boxes are necessary to all the large vegetable and fruit markets for keeping fresh and for the safety during transportation.

GREENMAX can provide foam densifier with a reasonable price as foam densifier supplier2017-11-21

Previously people always thought that the Styrofoam can't be recycled. However, through years’ exploring

GREENMAX machine——your best recycling solution specialist2017-11-13

It is very shocking that during a recent meeting, the Hollywood Commission signed a bill to ban the use of Styrofoam

Waste polystyrene can be recycled for further uses in the recycling industry2017-11-10

According to China Daily, a photographer has taken a shocking set of photographs in the Caribbean that show the surface of the ocean

The recycling rate of waste plastics in China will be greatly improved with the help of GREENMAX2017-10-31

According to The Bureau of International Recycling (BIR), the recycling rate of imported waste plastics in China will be greatly decreased

How to dispose of waste takeout food containers2017-10-12

With the popularity of online ordering, the use of disposable tableware is also increasing rapidly

A ultimate key-step to clean up the polystyrene litter with GREENMAX machine2017-09-30

With the rhythm of modern life getting faster and faster, a lot of people enjoy takeout food

Polystyrene disposal is a concern that can be solved with a GREENMAX machine2017-09-23

the global polystyrene market was valued at USD 23.91 billion in 2016 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.38%

GREENMAX compactors can help you get rid of trash2017-09-14

Polystyrene, often known by the trade name Styrofoam. Being a non-degradable material that is dangerous to our environment

Greenmax Styrofoam densifier as a supplier can ensure high quality and efficiency for Styrofoam r...2017-09-08

the dinner is a highlight of two days of learning and networking aiming at Styrofoam and plastic recycling.

Professional foam densifier equipment manufacturer -Greenmax2017-08-10

INTCO recycling is the leading supplier for PS recycling solutions worldwide.

How to realize foam recycling in Greenmax2017-06-21

Do you realize that foam trash could be turned into picture frames?Foam is used to make different kinds of items in our lives


GreenMax Foam Compactors are designed to process foam materials for a reduction in volume and an ability to recycle foam materials effectively. Foam

EPS Foam Melting Machines2016-10-27

EPS foam hot melt machine is mainly applied for plastic parts welding of large items such as household appliances and the headlight of an automobile.

INTCO Birthplace Cup International Youth Football Championship 20162016-10-08

INTCO birthplace cup international youth football championship 2016 closed perfectly, INTCO Environmental Protection won the Zibo City Sports "Outstan

EPS Foam Recycling Career in the U.S.2016-09-30

This is an American EPS recycler, they have ever encountered a lot of difficulties in processing so much waste Styrofoam. Is waste polystyrene foam re

2016 China International Rehabilitation Aid Expo2016-09-27

2016 China International Rehabilitation Aid Expo has been held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall on September 23. INTCO is honored to participate

INTCO Will Take Part in 2016 CAFEXPO in Yiwu2016-09-14

2016 Yiwu frames industry and decorative painting exhibition will be held.The 14th China frames industry and decorative painting exhibition

2016 China International Rehabilitation Aids Exhibition is Opening Soon2016-09-12

2016 China Shanghai International Rehabilitation-cum-rehabilitation aids Equipment Exhibition will be held from September 23 to 25 in Shanghai World E

The Diligent Pursue of GREENMAX Machine is Innovation2016-08-19

"Internet +" effect drives the green economy development and simmer drive innovation, how to make customers more choose our products

Plastics Machinery Industry Significantly Improved2016-08-12

With the rapid development of the plastics industry, market demand for plastic recycling machine increased significantly.

GREENMAX Machine Devoted Into Environmental Protection2016-07-25

INTCO produces and sells GREENMAX recycling machine and purchased compressed and hot melted EPS blocks and made into photo frames, sell them overseas.

2016 Asia Pacific Hand Isolation Goods Trade2016-07-22

2016 Asia Pacific hand isolation door goods trade, which sponsored by the CBI Shanghai Business Development Co., Ltd., China Hospital Association Hosp

Why to Choose GREENMAX Recycling Machine?2016-07-15

GREENMAX is the total solution provider to EPS recycling, not only offers a variety of advanced foam recycling machine

Vice Governor of Shandong Province Visited INTCO Group2016-07-01

Wang Shujian, Vice Governor of Shandong Province Wang, Song Zhenbo, the Party Secretary, and others came to inspect Shandong INTCO Recycling Resources

Styrofoam Waste Recycling Process2016-06-24

Due to the large volume of EPS foam waste, high transportation costs, so that it is very difficult for the plastic recycling business to recycle and c

Many Televisions Interviewed Intco2016-06-03

On June 3, 2016, many televisions, Internets, print media visited Shandong INTCO Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. And interviewed Mr. Frank Liu

Jiaxing Integrated Ceiling Industry Expo2016-05-23

In recent years, with the rapid development of the industry ceiling, from a single product to a systematic, intelligent, brand development.

Intco Will Take Part In the Exposanità Exhitbition2016-05-16

Exposanità is the only largest medical exhibition in Italy and Europe's second-largest medical equipment exhibition, will be held in 16-19 May 2016.

Fengxian District High Performance Incubation Special Training in 20162016-04-15

On April 7, 2016, Fengxian District,Shanghai Market Supervisory Authority organized "excellent performance management model" training in Shanghai INTC

EPS Foam Is An Excellent Packaging Material2016-04-11

Polystyrene foam is a new type of Earthquake packaging materials, insulation materials. It is featured light weight

GREENMAX Is The Leading EPS Recycling Solutions Provider2016-03-11

INTCO GREENMAX is the world's leading EPS foam waste recycling solutions provider. Over the past 10 years

Greenmax Invites You To Attend Fifth 2016 Art & Frame Industry Exhibition2016-03-04

China in March 29 in 2016. The main exhibits are PS polymer frame strips, picture frames, decorative mirrors, picture frames, interior decoration mate

GREENMAX Recycling Machine Has Professional Manufacturing Teams2016-02-26

GREENMAX recycling machine, has a professional design and manufacturing teams, GREENMAX machine originally designed only for styrofoam compression

Many Research Institutions Developed A Variety Of EPS Recycling Methods2016-02-22

Due to the stability, waste EPS material easily caused serious "white pollution", and resulting in deteriorating ecological environment.

GREENMAX Improved APOLO SERIES With Stainless Steel Marine Standard2016-02-14

Good News!!! INTCO Greenmax Recycling designed a new series of EPS compactor machine and improved GREENMAX APOLO SERIES with stainless steel Marine St

Greenmax Machine Specializes In Film Recycling2016-02-01

Film, the main component of Film is polyethylene (PE). The PE film has many effect such as increased temperature, soil moisture protection

Intco Trading Company Held New Year Party In Shanghai2016-01-18

Time flies, 2015 has passed, 2016 slowly goes toward us. New year, we have new goals and nurture hope. All staff of Intco trading company gathered tog

Chinese Resource Recycling System Upheaval is Approaching2016-01-11

In 2015, Chinese recycling industry is facing an unprecedented impact, making the development of the industry was gloomy. Many people have lost confid