Foam densifier from GREENMAX can do much help to polystyrene recycling and the surrounding environment

Polystyrene, which is most often seen in the form of disposable food containers, insulating materials and packing materials, is a petroleum-based plastic, of which 98% is air, so most of the polystyrene products seem very bulky, which can well explain that the polystyrene foam is good shockproof material.

Nowadays, polystyrene has won its popularity as we can see Polystyrene products in our daily life everywhere for the feature of lightweight, impact resistant, heat and noise insulation. However, polystyrene is non-degradable and can only stay in landfill forever if people do not take actions to recycle it.


According to the scientists, those foam waste can stay on the landfill up to 200 to 400 years without manual processing, and some even 500 years. People may feel inconceivable or even ignore that such disposable plate or cup they use for one or five minutes could even cause a permanent pollution. Hence, it can not be denied that recycling by foam densifier is not only crucial but also inevitable.

Considering that polystyrene waste will cause great pollution to the environment if not be recycled, thus polystyrene densifier for recycling is clearly a much better solution. Not only can it improve the utilization of the material, but also reduce the destruction of the environment.

A green-based solution is to apply a polystyrene densifier. Such a densifier can be supplied by GREENMAX, one of the most professional machines to recycle waste foams. The densifier is a machine that can smash the bulky polystyrene into pieces and then melt the pieces into small volume ingots at a ratio of 90:1. It means that the densified ingots can be 90 times smaller than the loose polystyrene.
As professional polystyrene densifier equipment manufacturer, GREENMAX still have a more challenging and longer way to go and believe that it will not let you down.