Foam Densifier Has the Opportunity of Vigorous Development in the USA Under the COVID-192021-01-21

Foam densifier can 100% totally recycle the foam with simple operation, automatic system and amazing efficiency.

Technology of EPS Foam Densifier to Get EPS Foam out of Landfills2021-01-19

There is no doubt that the technology of EPS foam densifier can take EPS foam out of landfills

Valid Recycling Densification Technology of EPS Foam Insulation Panels2021-01-13

EPS foam densifier can densify it by hot melting and form it as the EPS foam ingots.

The Value of Polystyrene Densifier Has Been Highlighted in the Context of Recycling Economy2021-01-11

Polystyrene densifier is a kind of recycling machine which applies hot-melting technology and can efficiently process polystyrene foam and turn it into hot-melting ingots.

Reuse Rather Than Ban – Foam Densifier Promoting Foam Recycling to a New Era2021-01-08

With the continuous improvement of recycling awareness, more and more companies begin to apply foam densifier to recycle foam.

Recycling of EPS Foam Should Be Paid More Attention Under the Boom of the Ban2021-01-05

With the design of many kinds of recycling machines, EPS foam recycling technology has been quite mature.

Recycling EPS Foam with EPS Foam Densifier is More Scientific and Humanized Than Banning It2020-12-30

GREENMAX Recycling as a representative of recycling industry, EPS foam densifier designed by it is welcomed.

Polystyrene Foam Densifier Helps to Realize the 'Save Our Polystyrene'2020-12-28

After the treatment of polystyrene foam densifier, waste polystyrene will form hot melt ingots

Widespread of Styrofoam Densifier Has a far-reaching Positive Impact on U.S. Styrofoam Recycling2020-12-23

Like the suggestion of The Foam Recycling Coalition, it is excellent to apply Styrofoam densifier into Styrofoam recycling

Styrofoam Recycling Need to Be Realized With the Spread of COVID-19 Vaccine Packaging2020-12-21

Styrofoam densifier is a recycling machine based on hot-melting technology. It is equipped with a crushing and hot-melting system

What is the Best Method to Recycle Seafood Boxes Packed in EPS Foam2020-12-16

After the treatment of EPS foam compactor machine, EPS foam can reduce the volume to 2% of the original pressing blocks

the Utilization of EPS Foam Compactor Brings Convenience to the EPS Foam Recycling in North America2020-12-14

GREENMAX EPS foam compactor A-C300 with higher production capacity, which perfectly solved the trouble of EPS foam recycling

Recycling Foam needs to be paid more attention by government with the arrival of Christmas2020-12-09

Foam already takes up 25% of California landfills, which has caused a headache for the government

What is the Best Method to Recycle Seafood Boxes Packed in EPS Foam2020-12-16

After the treatment of EPS foam compactor machine, EPS foam can reduce the volume to 2% of the original pressing blocks

The United States Realize EPS Foam Recyclable Thanks to the Assistance of EPS Foam Densifier2020-12-07

EPS foam densifier is a recycling machine based on hot-melting technology and makes full use of the recyclability of EPS foam

Is Available to Get Profits from Recycling Styrofoam for Manufacturers with the Help of Styrofoam Densifier2020-12-02

GREENMAX fully understands the crux of Styrofoam manufacturers, so its attractive point is to make Styrofoam recycling a profitable business

GREENMAX Foam Densifier Aims at Maximizing the Recyclability of Foam2020-12-01

Foam densifier will automatically hot-melt the foam up to the 1/90 volume of original, which also save the storage cost

Applying GREENMAX Foam Densifier is a Seriously Profitable for Foam Recycling2020-11-25

After the processing of the foam melting machine, the original large foam will become hot melting ingots with only 2% of its original volume

EPS Foam Densifier – a Machine Seriously Satisfy the Demand of EPS Foam Recycling2020-11-24

EPS foam densifier is a kind of recycling machine that can effectively achieve EPS foam recycling based on hot-melting technology

EPS Foam Compactor - an Excellent Compress Equipment to Dispose of Fish Boxes2020-11-17

Once the fish box is thrown into hopper, the chopper starts cutting, and then it is compressed and extruded with screw to form EPS foam blocks

Foam Densifier with Melting Technology to Recycle foam by Home Appliance Manufacturer2020-11-17

GREENMAX provides a recycling closed-loop for all enterprises, the process of which include selling machines, processing foam, and purchasing back ingots

Styrofoam Densifier Dispose of Styrofoam Efficiently for Furniture Manufacturers in the United States2020-11-12

Once you purchase Styrofoam densifier from GREENMAX to process Styrofoam packaging, the final hot-melt ingots can be sold to recyclers

GREENMXAX Styrofoam recycling Machine are used by Recycling Company for Styrofoam Recycling in USA2020-11-10

GREENMAX is not only a machine supplier of recycling company, but also an essential partner of their Styrofoam recycling business.

GREENMAX EPS foam densifier - A Reliable EPS Foam Recycling Expert2020-11-04

The operation process of GREENMAX EPS foam densifier includes throwing EPS foam, crushing it, hot-melting

Foam Densifier Makes the Prospect of Foam Recycling in the United States Brighter2020-11-03

The process of GREENMAX densifier, including throwing waste foam, crushing, hot-melting and squeezing

Styrofoam densifier Advance the Styrofoam Recycling in the United States2020-10-29

Styrofoam densifier is a machine designed by GREENMAX for processing Styrofoam

GREENMAX Styrofoam Recycling Machine Ensures the Safety of Styrofoam Recycling2020-10-28

GREENMAX has developed to be the industry leader today, not only because of its outstanding Styrofoam recycling technology

The Beverage Bottles Squeezer of GREENMAX Can Efficiently Recycle Beverage Bottles2020-10-22

GREENMAX beverage bottles squeezer is specially designed to dispose of PET bottles

GREENMAX compactor Promoting Foam Recycling in Catering Industry2020-10-21

For the government and the local catering industry, it is undoubtedly a win-win method to use GREENMAX compactor

GREENMAX PE Foam Compactor is an Effective Tool to Recyle PE Foam2020-10-16

GREENMAX specially designed a recycling machine for PE foam recycling – PE foam compactor

GREENMAX Styrofoam Recycling Machine Take Responsibility for Styrofoam Recycling in Logistic Industry2020-10-13

GREENMAX machines not only saves storage space, but also labor costs, which is of great benefit to business.

GREENMAX Polystyrene Densifier - Help Your Business Achieve Both Environmental Protection and Profitability2020-10-09

They can deal with the waste polystyrene while disposing of the waste electronic products. The operation process of polystyrene densifier is very simple.

How to recycle polyethylene waste with GREENMAX PE foam compactor?2020-10-06

GREENMAX ZEUS series PE foam compactor is specialized designed for polyethylene foam recycling.

GREENMAX Styrofoam Recycling Machine – a Great Method to Dispose of Styrofoam for Furniture companies2020-09-30

As an expert of Styrofoam recycling, GREENMAX has sold over 800 sets of Styrofoam recycling machines around the world, which can cure the headache of furniture manufacturers.

The working principle of GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder machine2020-09-23

GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder offers a solution to waste Styrofoam disposal by crushing the large volume foam waste into manageable size, and the crushed Styrofoam can be directly reused in the production process.

Maybe EPS Recycling Machine is The Best Choice For Handling Pollution in Southeast Asia2020-09-23

Taking the above-mentioned into consideration, we all think that maybe the EPS recycling machine is the best choice for handling pollution in Southeast Asia.

Recycling polystyrene foam with polystyrene compactor and shredder2020-09-18

There is no doubt that the increase in the recovery rate of polystyrene is due to the professional foam recycling equipment, especially the polystyrene compactor and polystyrene shredder.

How is the EPS foam densifier useful for business?2020-09-17

Maybe you know EPS foam recycling machine, but how is the EPS foam densifier useful for Business?

How to choose a Styrofoam recycling machine that suits you best?2020-09-10

The type of Styrofoam recycling machine required can be determined according to the company's scale and the amount of foam waste.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier helps Appliance company solve foam packaging troubles2020-09-09

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is a good tool for waste Styrofoam packaging recycling.

GREENMAX is the best promoter of EPS recycling solution2020-09-03

GREENMAX is an advanced recycling company that specializes in EPS compacting, recycling and reusing.

The foam recycling system centered on foam densifier designed is favoring by manufacturers2020-09-03

GREENMAX foam densifier can help companies integrate the foam recycling system into the company's manufacturing system to achieve a closed loop.

GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine has a certain reputation in the automotive industry2020-08-28

GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine has a certain reputation in the automotive industry.

Why EPS recycling equipment can make municipal solid waste recycling systems run efficiently2020-08-26

Municipalities that have introduced EPS recycling equipment often set up a recycling center and place the equipment in the recycling center.

How to use polystyrene densifier to become a green enterprise2020-08-19

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier has been favored by enterprises in recent years.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can handle several different foam types2020-08-14

The advantage of GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is that one machine can be used for multiple purposes, but it should be noted that it is best not to process waste materials of different densities at the same time.

How does EPS densifier help recyclers to recycle efficiently?2020-08-13

Recycling is not a public welfare, profitable recycling is the best recycling. GREENMAX is not only a recycling machine manufacturer, but also an EPS ingot buyer.

The foam densifier perfectly matches the recycling needs of furniture manufacturers2020-08-05

In the United States, a furniture manufacturer is using GREENMAX foam densifier to launch a foam recycling project to solve the problem of foam packaging waste.

How does Styrofoam recycling machine contribute to environmental protection?2020-08-04

GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine not only help solve environmental problems, but also bring extra profits to you.

Why are EPS recycling machines becoming more necessary in the market?2020-07-31

More and more companies have begun to devote themselves to EPS recycling industry, so professional EPS recycling machines are necessary in the market.

Why is recycling with EPS compactor is the most economical choice for enterprises?2020-07-28

If costs and incentives are taken into account, recycling is the best choice, especially the use of EPS compactor for recycling.

How to simplify the Styrofoam recycling process through Styrofoam densifier2020-07-23

Simplifying the recycling procedures of residents can promote the development of Styrofoam recycling. This is also the reason why Styrofoam densifier is most used in California.

GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine increases foam fish boxes recycling rate in Europe2020-07-23

Recently, we received a consultation from the local government of a coastal city in Italy, looking for professional Styrofoam recycling machine for foam fish box recycling solution.

GREENMAX EPS compactor offers a practical foam fish boxes recycling solution2020-07-17

At present, the fish box recycling industry has also been well developed with the application of GREENMAX EPS compactor.

Why foam densifier can ensure the closed loop of foam recycling2020-07-15

GREENMAX's foam recycling project is centered on the foam densifier. Foam densifier combines foam crusher and foam hot melting machine into one.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is willing to serve more retail stores2020-07-09

GREENMAX has cooperated with Wal-Mart, the world's largest retail chain, for its Styrofoam recycling project.

Styrofoam compactor recycles foam into photo frames2020-07-07

GREENMAX has more than ten years of rich experience in Styrofoam recycling, and attaches recycling experience to Styrofoam compactor.

GREENMAX EPS densifier offers specialized foam recycling solution2020-07-01

In the EPS recycling industry, the biggest advantage of GREENMAX is that we not only provide professional EPS densifier, but also purchase the recycled foam blocks back at a good price.

Using Styrofoam densifier is the best way to promote the recycling of Styrofoam2020-07-01

The California-based Styrofoam recycling specialist—GREENMAX has developed a Styrofoam densifier with a compression ratio of up to 90:1 in response to the high cost of Styrofoam recycling.

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier makes foam waste valuable for recycling2020-06-24

Now GREENMAX polystyrene densifier is widely used worldwide.

How to use foam densifier for recycling?2020-06-24

Foam densifier M-C50 is the smallest of several recycling machine models currently sold by GREENMAX, but this does not affect it has high compression ratio of 90:1.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier-the new semi-automated Styrofoam recycling system2020-06-18

The GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier truly realizes the semi-automation of foam recycling, saving labor cost and earning additional profits.

EPS compactor is the reason why home appliance manufacturers improve service level2020-06-16

But in addition, you know why the workers take away EPS packaging waste? The answer is because of an EPS compactor.

The hot melt system and function of GREENMAX EPS densifier2020-06-13

GREENMAX EPS densifier is professional, the hopper is semi-closed, which can prevent the foam dust from coming out during crushing.

The introduction of Styrofoam compactor may alleviate California's declining recycling rate2020-06-11

To cope with this situation, California is trying to adopt the recycling method of Styrofoam compactor.

Styrofoam densifier achieves the circular economy goal of home appliance manufacturers2020-06-05

GREENMAX, as a recycling specialist for Styrofoam, has developed a high compression ratio Styrofoam densifier, and is very happy to participate in this topic.

GREENMAX foam densifier is rapidly improved in recent years2020-06-05

GREENMAX foam densifier is efficiency and it has been rapidly improved in recent years.

GREENMAX provides high-quality foam densifier for seafood distributors2020-05-27

As the specialist in foam recycling industry, GREENMAX offers professional foam densifier with a compression ratio of 90:1.

GREENMAX provides customers with customized Styrofoam densifier services2020-05-27

California-based GREENMAX, as a veteran recycling company, and as an expert in the field of Styrofoam recycling, newly launched Styrofoam densifier customized services to attract more partners.

Walmart has taken a GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier in their South Carolina Return Center2020-05-20

In the near future, GREENMAX has obtained the cooperation with the Walmart Return Center in South Carolina, US. The center purchased a specially designed M-C100E Styrofoam densifier and started its Styrofoam recycling project.

Cooperate with GREENMAX for EPS recycling solution to achieve green packaging2020-05-20

EPS block is convenient for home appliance manufacturers to stack and sort, but this is not the whole of EPS recycling solution. GREENMAX is a well-known manufacturer of recycling machines and an EPS waste buyer.

Invest in GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier to earn additional income2020-05-14

Foam ingots melted by GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can be sold at a high price.Exactly GREENMAX is Styrofoam buyer.

Why California recycler chooses EPS densifier produced by GREENMAX2020-05-13

The blue trash cans on the roadside are full of EPS trash generated in life. About 59% of EPS materials in California are put into EPS densifier.

GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier solves the problem of waste foam recycling2020-05-07

GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier not only helps you solve transportation difficulties, but also encourages you to develop new business.

How does GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier prevent misplacement of resources effectively2020-05-07

When Styrofoam waste is in the Styrofoam densifier, it is the renewable resource being processed.

Foam densifier makes Australian cutter to turn spending into revenue2020-04-30

Foam densifier M-C200 is the highest compression ratio of foam recycling equipment produced by GREENMAX.

The functional characteristics and maintenance of a Styrofoam compactor2020-04-30

To this end, GREENMAX—the Styrofoam recycling specialist will bring the relevant knowledge of Styrofoam compactor.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is a great breakthrough in the foam recycling industry2020-04-23

The emergence of Styrofoam densifier is a great breakthrough in the Styrofoam recycling industry.

Foam densifier helps foam manufacturers go a long way on 3R2020-04-23

3R manufacturing has become the production principle of many foam manufacturers, and the foam densifier produced by GREENMAX is loved by them..

GREENMAX polyethylene foam densifier is a great tool to promote waste polyethylene foam recycling2020-04-15

Polyethylene foam have many of the same properties as EPS, and it is recyclable with the application of professional polyethylene foam densifier.

How to treat EPS based on EPS ban in New York State and EPS compactor in Oregon2020-04-15

The industry also emphasized the reusability and recyclability of EPS products, and cited the example of the Oregon government using EPS compactor to recycle EPS waste.

Government grants have helped local companies purchase professional foam densifier2020-04-08

During the grant application process, the government often inspects foam densifier manufacturers to make sure they are buying high-quality machines.

Waste and recycling collection workers are using Styrofoam densifier to keep the city clean2020-04-08

The volume ratio of Styrofoam ingot to Styrofoam waste can reach 90: 1, saving a lot of storage space and transportation costs. In addition to buying recycling machines, the recycling center set up by the government also cooperates with GREENMAX.

GREENMAX screw-type foam melting machine is widely used in foam recycling industry2020-04-03

GREENMAX screw-type foam melting machine is widely used in foam recycling industry. It is not only save on storage and transportation costs, but also enable better prices for foam lumps.

Hot melt EPS densifier helps European EPS manufacturers achieve green production2020-04-01

Hot melt EPS densifier can help EPS manufacturers to environmentally friendly production, and EPS products can help people defend against COVID-19, that is, if EPS waste is handled well, EPS materials will be of great help to people.

GREENMAX EPS recycling machine helps furniture stores get rid of foam packaging waste2020-03-25

However, EPS waste has also become a troublesome issue for many furniture and home appliance manufacturers, and urgently needs professional EPS recycling machine.

Styrofoam densfier is becoming a must-have machine for professional cutter2020-03-25

If you only make handmade works by Styrofoam, you can throw Styrofoam waste into a roadside recycling bin, but if you are a professional cutter, you can’t do without a Styrofoam densifier M-C200.

How to choose the right model of a Styrofoam densifier?2020-03-19

However, do you know the professional knowledge of Styrofoam recycling? How to choose the model of your required Styrofoam densifier?

GREENMAX foam densifiers profitable approach attracts home appliance manufacturers2020-03-19

Foam densifier is not only a machine that helps home appliance manufacturers organize their warehouses, it is also a profitable way for home appliance manufacturers to turn waste into treasure.

Why recyclers with foam recycling machine can hold recycling events for a long time2020-03-13

Foam waste generated in the lives of residents is not allowed to enter the blue recycling bins on the roadside. Instead, let recyclers with foam recycling machines organize regular recycling activities in the community.

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier used in different industries2020-03-13

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier has different models according the requirements of our customers. Both manufacturers and retail stores can apply this type of machine.

Professional GREENMAX foam compactor is widely applied for foam packaging recycling2020-03-04

We purchase foam blocks and lumps across the world and process them into PS pellets in our factories in China and Malaysia

Use Styrofoam densifier to label Styrofoam eco-friendly2020-03-04

Styrofoam densifier is not only a machine, but also a complete Styrofoam recycling project.

GREENMAX foam densifier is a new breakthrough in the Styrofoam recycling industry2020-02-26

This GREENMAX MARS series Styrofoam hot melt machine is divided into four types according to different production capacity

More and more cutters are willing to use EPS densifier to reduce waste2020-02-25

GREENMAX is not only a good manufacturer of recycling machines, but also a good buyer

GREENMAX helps you recycle foam waste to make new products2020-02-21

As a foam recycling specialist, GREENMAX has been engaged in the design and development of professional foam recycling equipment

GREENMAX helps Australian municipalities and recyclers increase EPS packaging recycling rates2020-02-20

Recyclers in Australia mostly use GREENMAX EPS densifier M-C100 to reduce foam volume

Styrofoam recycling is worthy of becoming your new recycling business2020-02-14

GREENMAX foam densifier can help them reduce the foam volume and save storage and transportation cost

GREENMAX foam compactor addresses cost problem to promote foam recycling2020-02-12

GREENMAX has developed a foam compactor A-C200, a professional foam recycling machine

GREENMAX is committed to perfecting the foam recycling project with technological innovation2020-02-11

It is the ultimate goal of GREENMAX to promote the de-velopment of foam recycling with technological innovation

GREENMAX machines will be more widely used in the foam recycling industry2020-02-07

GREENMAX MARS series foam densifier is specially designed for polystyrene packaging peanuts and dust recycling

GREENMAX has taken up the challenge to improve EPS recycling2020-01-16

GREENMAX can provide the three type of machines, and EPS compactor and foam densifier are popular across the world

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is used by the South African Styrofoam manufacturer for recycling scraps2020-1-14

For manufacturers, the Styrofoam block is not only a perfect treatment of Styrofoam waste generated in production

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can meet your requirements for Styrofoam recycling2020-01-10

Recycling Styrofoam waste has been easier with the powerful Styrofoam densifier

GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor allows Styrofoam waste to fully realize their value2020-01-07

GREENMAX promises to machine customers that it will repurchase Styrofoam block at a reasonable price

GREENMAX foam recycling machine is the most important step for polystyrene recycling2020-01-03

The waste polystyrene is fed into the hopper, crushed into small pieces and then compressed into dense blocks

GREENMAX is recognized as a good helper for recycling Christmas Styrofoam packaging2019-12-26

Styrofoam packaging is so useful material that we must recycle it from our lives and post-consumer aspects

Putting Styrofoam trash into Styrofoam compactor makes Christmas holiday perfect2019-12-25

Some states purchase a professional GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor A-C100 and place it on a truck for easy movement

GREENMAX foam crusher is an important tool for polystyrene foam recycling2019-12-20

The main advantage of GREENMAX is that we can purchase back your compressed foam blocks

Why not using Styrofoam densifier to reduce pollution while looking for alternative materials2019-12-17

Styrofoam recycling can handle the Styrofoam trash that has been generated and can complete the second use of resources

Professional Styrofoam recycling machines are in great demand in the market2019-12-12

Styrofoam waste is first crushed, then melted by the screw, and finally extruded out as long ingots

Styrofoam waste used to make fake snow scenes will not affect the environment after using GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier2019-12-11

A converter in the USA chose GREENMAX to recycle the Styrofoam waste generated by cutting

Council polystyrene recycling programs are popular in Australia2019-12-06

GREENMAX offers professional polystyrene compactor with screw compression principle

Polystyrene packaging waste in Christmas gifts will be recycled by polystyrene densifier in California2019-12-03

California's municipalities are aware of this and have collaborated with local recyclers on polystyrene recycling

GREENMAX EPS recycling machines help you reduce EPS disposal cost2019-11-28

GREENMAX launched professional EPS recycling machine customized for customers to the market

GREENMAX goal is helps customers in many different industries around the world to foam recycling2019-11-26

GREENMAX has been perfecting the foam recycling solution in the hope of adapting to the foam type

A pilot project to recycle EPS foam has been launched in the UK2019-11-21

GREENMAX EPS compactor is a screw compacting machine, which can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 50:1

The demand for recycled polystyrene produced by GREENMAX polystyrene densifier is growing2019-11-19

More communities in Canada are using the system to densify the loose foam and push the air out to help make transportation more cost-effective

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier enables rapid recovery of polystyrene trash2019-11-14

Polystyrene itself is a material that can be recycled. Polystyrene recycling requires only a polystyrene densifier M-C200

The new waste export ban in Australia will put pressure on polystyrene recycling2019-11-14

GREENMAX polystyrene compressor is most commonly used by end users as furniture stores and logistics companies

GREENMAX machines increase the return on investment of Styrofoam recycling2019-11-8

GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor uses screw compacting technology with a compression ratio of 50:1

GREENMAX foam densifier meets the diverse foam recycling needs of our customers2019-11-05

The foam densifier M-C200 developed by GREENMAX uses screw hot melt technology

European waste management company buy foam densifier machine to ease government pressure2019-10-30

GREENMAX foam densifier M-C100 uses a hot-melt screw technology that compresses the air content of foam waste

The function of GREENMAX polystyrene foam densifier2019-10-30

Polystyrene is highly recyclable and in great demand, so it can be effectively recycled and reused

GREENMAX EPS compactor machine at the K show in Germany has received extensive attention2019-10-23

GREENMAX presented the EPS compactor A-C200 from the Apolo series at the K show

GREENMAX foam densifier- A worthwhile polystyrene recycling machine to invest in2019-10-22

GREENMAX foam recycling machine is well known in the field of polystyrene recycling industry, especially in the United States and Europe market

Logistics companies are currently embarking on polystyrene recycling project2019-10-16

J.B. Hunt has now purchased several GREENMAX machines to expand its recycling business

Market Insights on GREENMAX EPS densifier in 20192019-10-15

GREENMAX has conducted an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the EPS densifier market this year

GREENMAX EPS recycling system is growing more popular in the market2019-10-11

GREENMAX foam recycling machine is mainly used for disposing plastic foam waste

The development of recycling machine has stimulated the market potential of polystyrene recycling2019-10-9

More and more recyclers are buying polystyrene recycling machines to make a profit by selling polystyrene blocks to the end market

Monroe County's Styrofoam densifier helps it sell its inventory of foam waste2019-9-26

INTCO recycling provides foam recycling services worldwide and it is the leading company in the Styrofoam recycling

GREENMAX recycling machine proves the reusability of PE foam2019-9-25

The most classic PE foam recycling machine is the GREENMAX PE foam compactor Z-C200. This is a machine specifically designed to recycle PE foam materials

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier helps you cut labor and disposal cost during foam waste recycling2019-9-18

Polystyrene is a recyclable material and has high reusing value, but the cost of waste polystyrene disposal is a concern for most businesses

GREENMAX densifier is the right choice to recycle EPS for Mexican car manufacturers2019-9-17

GREENMAX supplied the EPS densifier M-C200 to the Mexican automotive plant

Airpop screw compactor recycling fish boxes in Serbia2019-9-10

The fish farmers in Serbia also chose to use the airpop screw compactor A-C200 to recycle the fish boxes to protect their sustainable development

Fault analysis and maintenance of GREENMAX polystyrene compactor2019-9-10

The polystyrene compactor is an environmentally-friendly mechanical device that uses a spiral extrusion to crush and compress the loose foam into a block

GREENMAX airpop screw press is widely applied for polystyrene recycling2019-9-6

INTCO recycling guarantees that foam blocks produced by customers invested in GREENMAX airpop screw press will be purchased back at preferential prices

The biggest advantage of the GREENMAX recycling machine is that it has added value2019-9-4

GREENMAX has never only focused on selling machines, but is committed to providing customers with complete EPS recycling solutions

What are the general benefits of waste EPS recycling2019-8-29

EPS recycling is not only important for the environment, but also a good opportunity for enterprises to start new business and make profits

US wheel hub company puts foam into GREENMAX machine to complete profit2019-8-28

A US wheel hub company chose to use foam as its packaging material, and chose to implement the foam recycling project

How can you successfully launch your EPS foam recycling program2019-8-23

GREENMAX focuses on the total solution for EPS foam recycling, we also provide compressed EPS procurement services

GREENMAX machine achieves sustainable in polystyrene in Sweden2019-8-21

GREENMAX machine manufacturers promise to buy polystyrene block for the production of photo frames

GREENMAX foam recycling machine has promoted the Styrofoam recycling program in Canada2019-8-15

More communities in Canada are using the system to densify the loose foam and push the air out to help make transportation more cost-effective

GREENMAX reduces airpop transportation costs to build an airpop recycling system in France2019-8-14

The solution to this problem is just need a professional airpop screw compactor, such as the GREENMAX screw compactor A-C200

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is the starting point of your recycling program2019-8-9

GREENMAX is not only an equipment manufacturer, but also a recycling company

USA printer manufacturers have achieved EPS package waste recycling with the help of GREENMAX2019-8-8

It is recommended to purchase the EPS compactor A-C200 according to the amount of waste from the printer manufacturer

GREENMAX is the answer for Polish manufacturers to reduce the cost of PE foam recycling2019-8-2

GREENMAX is committed to solving cost issues in the field of PE foam recycling, which helps manufacturers to make more profit.

How important is GREENMAX machine to your polystyrene recycling project2019-8-1

Advancements in polystyrene recycling partly owes to the use of professional foam recycling machines

GREENMAX cooperated with Italian logistics company to promote EPS recycling2019-7-26

GREENMAX serves the Italian and global markets, brings customers the best and most guaranteed user experience

Make company's business environmentally friendly with the help of GREENMAX2019-7-24

GREENMAX is pleased to work with a furniture store in Washington to help their businesses become more environmentally friendly

GREENMAX helps fishermen in Vancouver launch fish boxes recycling project2019-7-17

GREENMAX's common goal is to make polystyrene recycling an industrial chain to achieve real resource reuse

Similarities and differences between different series of GREENMAX EPS recycling machine2019-7-16

As a EPS recycling specialist, GREENMAX has developed a professional EPS recycling machine for more than ten years

What is the best guarantee for customers to recycle EPS foam2019-7-12

GREENMAX foam densifier heats and melts the foam waste, and densify it into dense foam ingots

GREENMAX works with recyclers to carry out polystyrene recycling projects in the Netherlands2019-7-10

As a recycling specialist, GREENMAX is committed to providing customers with a complete polystyrene recycling program

GREENMAX EPS foam densifier is popular among recyclers in Mexico2019-7-4

GREENMAX provided the customer with a complete set of EPS solutions, including professional equipment and purchase of the melted EPS ingots

GREENMAX's foam recycling machine high-efficiency recycling in Mexico2019-7-3

GREEENMAX has three types of recycling machines, each of which helps Mexican recyclers efficiently recycle foam waste

GREENMAX machine ensures the steady progress of your polystyrene recycling business2019-6-26

Polystyrene is completely recyclable because it can be made into renewable PS pellets and reused when recycled

GREENMAX Polystyrene compactor helps turn fish boxes waste into treasure in Chile2019-6-25

Chilean fish merchants have chosen to use the GREENMAX machine to recycle fish boxes

GREENMAX helps you cut the Styrofoam recycling costs in an effective way2019-6-19

GREENMAX offer two kinds of professional foam recycling machines to help you cut the Styrofoam recycling costs in an effective way

About GREENMAX Z series surface melting machine2019-6-18

At GREENMAX, the surface melting machine belongs to the Z series machine. It is specially designed for PE foam

Why should we choose professional machinery for EPS recycling2019-6-14

As a professional foam machinery supplier, INTCO recycling offers and foam densifier with different working principles

About styrofoam densifier Mars Machine2019-6-13

At GREENMAX, we offer three models of styrofoam densifier machines for low, medium and high capacity

EPS recycling industry adds value by constantly improving technology2019-6-5

At present, the foam machinery industry increases the added value by continuously improving technology

About Polystyrene Compactor APOLO Machine2019-6-3

The polystyrene compactor can compact all kinds of EPS scraps and bulk EPS into a compact size.

GREENMAX develops machine automation to bring more convenience to customers2019-5-28

GREENMAX has developed a foam recycling machine for more than ten years

Performance introduction of two professional polystyrene recycling machines2019-5-22

GREENMAX has been a reliable recycling equipment supplier and waste material buyer in the recycling field

Fish merchants use GREENMAX to break through foam recycling dilemma in the UK2019-5-21

Waste foam is compacted and forms a recycled foam blocks, easy to transport and storage

GREENMAX offers solutions to address the cost of EPS recycling2019-5-15

A large pile of EPS waste needs to be transported to landfills or recyclers

GREENMAX helps EPE cutters solve their foam waste accumulation problems2019-5-14

More and more EPE manufacturers and cutters are beginning to focus on EPE scraps recycling

GREENMAX machines are available for EPS recycling in high efficiency2019-5-10

It is reported that the Foam Recycling Coalition provided a $41,000 grant to Thrive Atlanta Live's center for hard-to-recycle materials.

Environmentally friendly companies are making changes with the help of GREENMAX2019-5-6

Today's companies are gradually raising their awareness of environmental protection and are willing to pay for the circular economy.

Polyethylene recycling is a trend with the application of GREENMAX foam densifier2019-4-24

With the application of professional foam densifier, waste polyethylene can be melted into liquid form

GREENMAX help recycle styrofoam egg cartons in Australia2019-4-23

In Australia, more and more Recyclers, with the help of GREENMAX, began offering polystyrene recycling stations

GREENMAX upgrades EPS densifier water-cooled feeding system2019-4-19

With the development of the global EPS recycling industry, the recycling technology is becoming more and more mature

Use GREENMAX Foam Recycling machine in the Ireland2019-4-17

Irish cutting businessmen chose the GREENMAX foam recycling machine to use professional machines to help recycle scrap

How to turn Styrofoam waste into a revenue stream by a foam densifier2019-4-11

GREENMAX has a unique solution that not only solves your Styrofoam disposal problems, but also turns it into a revenue stream

GREENMAX provides great convenience for styrofoam recycling2019-4-9

GREENMAX offers its customers complete styrofoam recycling solutions, has developed a professional styrofoam recycling machine

The strengths of GREENMAX machine in the Styrofoam recycling industry2019-4-3

For enterprises in the Styrofoam recycling industry, choosing a recycling equipment is extremely important

Recycled polystyrene require GREENMAX recycling machines instead of being banned2019-4-2

The European Parliament voted to ban single-use polystyrene, paving the way for the ban on the use of single-use polystyrene in all EU member states in 2021

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is a great tool in application to polystyrene recycling2019-3-28

Environmentalists often complain about low recycling rates of the waste, but few notice that the lack of waste disposal

GREENMAX is trusted by Norwegian fish businessmen2019-3-26

A small mountain of styrofoam boxes piles up just outside the original Bergen fish market in Norway

GREENMAX helps recycling companies develop their business and obtain high profits from EPS recycling2019-3-21

Most of us think of recycling as a service that our city provides, but actually, it is a business

GREENMAX Provide A Complete EPS Recycling Program2019-3-20

If you are a large number of EPS users, how do you deal with the resulting EPS waste

Making profits from EPS recycling with the application of professional EPS compactor2019-3-14

EPS material is widely used in different industries, although surrounding by EPS waste every day

Laboratory waste polystyrene recycling is inseparable from polystyrene densifier machine2019-3-12

Globally, at least 300 million tons of Styrofoam are produced each year

GREENMAX styrofoam densifiers get the Polystyrene Waste away from Garbage Dumps2019-3-8

Nowadays, polystyrene pollution is serious, and the media is also spreading news to raise people's vigilance against foam products

GREENMAX Machines Can Help Save on Polystyrene Landfill Costs2019-3-7

Would you pay an extra $4 for polystyrene products to cover the cost of landfill at the end of its life

GREENMAX Provides Good Solutions to Dispose Fish Boxes2019-2-27

It is predicted that by 2030, the weekly fish consumption in the UK will increase from 8 million kg to 9.23 million kg.

GREENMAX Can Help Businesses Dispose Polystyrene Like Foam Sculpture2019-2-26

As far as is known, polystyrene foam is widely used as food containers, disposable cups, building insulation and packaging materials.

How does polystyrene compactor benefit for effective recycling of polystyrene foam2019-2-21

With the development of technology, the demand for polystyrene has increased.

GREENMAX Provides a New Method to Dispose EPS2019-2-20

Nowadays, more and more people pay close attention to Styrofoam as it is detrimental to the planet

Foam Medical Coolers Get New Life with Mail Back Program2019-2-16

Thanks to a mail back recycling program, foam medical coolers are getting a new life.

There is Another Way to Dispose Polystyrene Instead of Banning it2019-2-14

Recently polystyrene foam soup containers are stacked in a New York restaurant.

Some Methods to Dispose EPS Materials Like Foam Egg Cartons2019-01-30

Some people eat eggs every day as they are rich in high protein, especially someone who wants to keep fit

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor is a great contributor to the foam fish boxes recycling industry2019-01-24

The United States is close to the Atlantic Ocean , the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico

How Does GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Improve The Environment Well To Handle Ubiquitous Foam Wastes2019-01-23

Styrofoam is a type of polystyrene foam. It is also known as extruded polystyrene and has a great insulating properties

How GREENMAX Foam Densifier Can Be Your Good Tool In Managing Foam Disposals Well2019-01-17

Generally speaking, you will be very concerned about the price and sales of EPS

Why is GREENMAX willing to provide the best service to customers2019-01-16

As an American brand to make professional polystyrene recycling machines, GREENMAX is created by INTCO recycling in 2018

How can GREENMAX help furniture stores efficiently dispose of EPS packaging waste2019-01-11

As a packaging material, EPS has a good protective performance and plays an important role in the transportation process

GREENMAX Polystyrene Densifier Performs Better Among Opponents In Foam Recycling Area2019-01-09

Expanded polystyrene foam packaging materials have been used in various industries, especially in food

GREENMAX has made a great achievement in the recycling of polystyrene foam2018-12-29

Since the thermal insulation and seismic function of polystyrene was found

How Does GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Become Your Best Helper Compared With Rivals In Managing Polystyrene Rubbish2018-12-28

As polystyrene comprised of 98% air, extremely light in weight, it is said that around more than 80% polystyrene wastes

Turning polystyrene recycling as a smart business with the application of GREENMAX polystyrene densifier2018-12-22

Polystyrene has been always regarded as bulky and bothersome plastic waste by us residents and even some end-user business and stores

More And More Foam Disposal Can Be revitalized with the help of GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier2018-12-19

With the rapid development of technology and science, a Styrofoam compactor has been essential to polystyrene recycling industry

Plastic foam recycling has been attached more importance by the British government2018-12-13

In this march, the British government issued a proposal to follow the example of Sweden

GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Makes Foam Recycling Easily And Smoothly2018-12-11

Many people may not have the correct idea about polystyrene foam recycling

Effective EPS waste management requires professional recycling machines2018-12-6

Waste management is familiar to to everyone of us. Now many companies have their own waste management system

GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Is Worthy Of Your Investment In Foam Recycling Industry2018-12-6

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), averagely referred to as its brand name "Styrofoam" is recyclable without burning and free of toxication

GREENMAX PE foam densifier is reliable to be used for PE foam recycling in construction industry2018-11-29

It is known to all that PE foam is a widely used packaging material that involves a variety of industries

Why GreenMax Foam Recycling Machine Deserve Your Trust Compared With Other Brands2018-11-27

Firstly, GREEENMAX polystyrene compactor are favorable against all competitors except for the quality rating.

How does GREENMAX EPS compactor help the enterprises make profits from EPS recycling2018-11-22

According to the report published, EPS market has been experiencing steady growth since the past few years.

A Styrofoam Recycling Machine Can Make Great Contributions To The Fishery Industry2018-11-21

Scientists have found that Eskimos are less likely to have cardiovascular disease, which is related to their main food from deep-sea fish

Styrofoam is now accepted in Redding city due to the application of foam densifier2018-11-16

The good news is that bulky Styrofoam packaging no longer has to enter landfills

GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Is A Worthwhile Investment For EPS Recycling Industry2018-11-15

Considering about the tremendous demand for the packaging material, the world produces nearly ten million tons of polystyrene foam

Why do we choose GREENMAX for polystyrene recycling business2018-11-09

Polystyrene recycling is a global concern. So far some companies have started their foam recycling business

GREENMAX Foam Recycling Machine Helps You Manage EPE Disposal Effectively2018-11-08

To better meet the increasing demand from all kinds of industry, GREENMAX recycling

GREENMAX has come up with the best solution to recycle Styrofoam coffee cups2018-11-01

As we know, countries like Germany, Austria and Singapore are not only very modern, but also has the best recycling rate

GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor Helps To Facilitate Sustainable Social Development Both In The Envir...2018-11-01

Most popular way to help keep seafood fresh and save is polystyrene, which makes excellent insulated containers for any foods

GREENMAX serves the Styrofoam recycling industry and offers total solutions to many end users2018-10-25

Styrofoam is a regular army corps that often occurs in our daily lives and working places.

GREENMAX EPS Compactor Can Be A Beneficial Decision With Win Win Result2018-10-23

AS we know household EPS foam waste accounts for quite a little part of the total Styrofoam waste

GREENMAX machines help achieve economic recycling of PE foam2018-10-17

What we usually called EPE material is actually the abbreviation of expanded polyethylene foam

How Is GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Working As A Great Helper To EPS Recycling Industry2018-10-17

Styrofoam also known as expanded polystyrene, which is 98% air, only 2% of the product

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor helps a foam manufacturer in Jamaica turn waste into cash2018-10-12

For polystyrene manufacturers, it is necessary to deal with the foam waste during the production process.

Why It Is A Must For Polystyrene Recyclers To Invest On Styrofoam Compactor2018-10-12

Styrofoam waste also known as expanded polystyrene waste, which is a main solid waste source in our daily life

GREENMAX EPS machines can help prevent the recycling crisis in Australia2018-09-28

You may not be very clear about what we called Expanded polystyrene (EPS), but you must have used it.

GREENMAX Polystyrene Compactor Is Willingly To Lend A Hand To Recycle Styrofoam Packaging Waste2018-09-28

Usually polystyrene packaging wastes generated from curbside or drop-off recycling programs or specific distribution center such as furniture

New design of GREENMAX foam densifier for effective polystyrene recycling2018-09-20

Since it was first produced in 1947, there is now a large amount of polystyrene waste littering around

Why GREENMAX EPS Compactor Is Trustworthy For Polystyrene Recycling Industry2018-09-19

Styrofoam cold compressors are divided into hydraulic and spiral types.

Professional recycling machines motivate people to recycle Styrofoam food containers properly2018-09-14

According to BBC news on Saturday, local governments in England and Wales said that only a third of Styrofoam food containers

GREENMAX EPS Compactor Turned Out To Be A Smarter Choice To Mange Wastes In Fishing Industry2018-09-13

It is well-known that Chile has become an important country for the export of salmon around the whole world.

GREENMAX EPS recycling machine brings new business to the Logistics companies2018-09-06

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam is probably the most common form of plastic package in our daily life

GREENMAX Recycling Compactor Has Been A Good Helper To Overcome China’s Green Fence Policy2018-09-05

EPS shorts for expanded polystyrene, the most welcomed packaging material since 40 years ago

How does Styrofoam compactor bring convenience to the fishing industry2018-08-29

Styrofoam is the leading packaging material for fish product protection solution in the global market

GREENMAX Hot-Melting Densifier Will Perfectly Solve The Massive EPE Waste In Wheel Hub Industry2018-08-28

With the development of economy, automobile is no longer a standard configuration for rich people

Why EPS compactor is so necessary for waste foam recycling2018-08-23

EPS foam has been used in a variety of applications for many years, but the recycling of EPS waste has been always a concern for us.

GREENMAX Screw Compactor Helps Electronic Packaging Industry Recycle EPE Disposal2018-08-22

During FIFA world cup period, people often wait in line at the bar to watch games just for the big screen TV.

To attach more importance to EPS recycling can bring great benefits2018-08-16

Until recently, most EPS recycling efforts are focused on industrial field, such as packaging of refrigerators or televisions

The Profit Made By Recycling Polystyrene Disposal Hold Back Albany County’s Expand Styrofoam Ban2018-08-14

According to the latest local law, establishments that used the styrofoam packaging products for takeout services

The current status of International disposable Styrofoam products recycling2018-08-10

According to experts, the current disposable Styrofoam products are produced and widely used in developed countries

GREENMAX Machine Helps Business Generate Profits Out From EPS Recycling2018-08-07

EPS also names expanded polystyrene foam technically, it's a type of material well-known

The lack of recycling technology leads to the dilemma of Styrofoam recycling2018-08-02

It is reported that McDonald's will stop using Styrofoam cold drinks cups and trays around the world by the end of 2018.

Up-To-Date Foam Compactor Can Make Styrofoam Recycling Procedure Intelligent2018-08-01

As long as people talk about plastic, many people may have a misconception that all plastic cannot be recycled

GREENMAX Compactor Makes Photo Frame Production Greener Than Before2018-07-27

Before the advent of plastic photo frame, all of frame products have been made from wood

EPS recycling becomes an opportunity for some enterprises with the application of GREENMAX foam d...2018-07-25

In recent years, the extensive applications of EPS material has brought many problems to our environment

The application of GREENMAX screw compactor is found to be important for polystyrene recycling2018-07-20

In the past, polystyrene has been regarded as one of the least recycled materials due to the lack of recycling technology

GREENMAX Screw Compactor Helps Recycle Styrofoam Noodle Box2018-07-17

Styrofoam cup noodle has been quite popular among young people,especially at college dorm

GREENMAX EPS densifier will help promote the success of EPS recycling program2018-07-11

You may notice the fact that EPS material is rarely collected in curbside recycling programs because of its bulky and dirty surface.

The Reason We Should Be Equipped with GREENMAX Polystyrene Recycling Machine2018-07-11

UK has just announced a new project that will see a scheme to reduce and monitor plastic pollution on the island of St Helena in the South Atlantic Oc

More Cities Accept Recycling Styrofoam Products Again2018-07-06

Recently, Utah and Western Washington County have announced publicly one after another that they allow polystyrene recycling again.

A new channel for polystyrene recycling will be opened in France by 20202018-07-05

Recently, a new channel for polystyrene recycling in France has been attached importance.

GREENMAX will be the focus of Styrofoam recycling industry in South Africa2018-06-29

It is obvious that Styrofoam has received some negative publicity over recent years

Polystyrene recycling can be recycled with a GREENMAX machine than banning2018-06-29

On June 27, Bill de Blasio mayor said that the city will widely ban on polystyrene foam will come into effect next year

GREENMAX machines help you remove the mystery of polystyrene recycling2018-06-22

It is always in our single-use food containers, our packing supplies and even our home decorations.

Polystyrene recycling can create more economic benefits by saving resources and reducing environm...2018-06-22

With the rapid development of society today, the popularity of the online ordering platform has made the takeaway industry develop rapidly

How to recycle Styrofoam packaging that comes from household appliances2018-06-14

The rigid white packaging foam used to protect TV sets, computers and other household appliances are called Styrofoam.

GREENMAX compactor can help you recycle waste foam to save resources2018-06-14

It was reported on Friday that the New York Supreme Court ruled that the city could take measures to implement the 2013 law

Polystyrene recycling program is considered to change in policy of San Diego2018-06-07

Last July, San Diego became one of the cities to accept polystyrene containers as part of its curbside recycling program

The solution of Styrofoam recycling has been welcomed in the world2018-06-07

The Internet takeaway platform can be said to be thrived in the past two years.

Recycling waste EPS can create considerable economic benefits2018-05-31

McDonald's said its polystyrene foam products will be eliminated by the end of 2018.

Polystyrene recycling attached more importance due to the growing demand of the European market2018-05-29

Polystyrene, which is the made from styrene monomer, is one of the most popular plastic types used for packaging and house insulation

Going green from Styrofoam waste recycling at home and in the office2018-05-24

You' are probably always worried about how to start recycling.

GREENMAX from US can accomplish secondary utilization of packaging resources2018-05-22

According to the ACC Plastics Department, the plastic resin manufacturers in the United States have promised to fully recycle all plastic packages

GREENMAX provides you total polystyrene recycling solution to turn waste into treasure2018-05-16

Dunkin Brands Group said on Wednesday that the company plans to stop using polystyrene foam cups worldwide by 2020

Recycling polystyrene is the most wise action to both environment and human life2018-05-15

“Play stupid games , win stupid prizes,” this the most interesting saying I have occurred to in these days.

Recycling EPS waste on the Earth Day can help make our world greener2018-05-10

At the end of last month, on April 22nd, the Earth Day is celebrated all over the world. Aiming to make our living environment greener

GREENMAX machine can easily convert the waste EPS into valuable resources2018-05-09

A Spanish Company consortium, formed by the ANAPE (Spanish national EPS Association), has begun to study the recycling of polystyrene foam

GREENMAX can realize the entire polystyrene recycling process2018-05-05

Pollution of plastic waste in the sea can not be ignored. The new edition of 《the future of the sea 》

EPS recycling can be also a good way to achieve Zero Waste2018-05-04

Nowadays, Zero Waste has become a popular lifestyle because people are pursuing higher quality of life.

Recycling is the most effective way to reduce the plastic waste2018-04-26

According to Reuters on April 19, the office of the British Prime Minister Theresa May stated

GREENMAX EPS compactor offers a good recycling way to plastic foam toys2018-04-24

As we all know, plastic foam pollution has been a worldwide problem nowadays

The benefits that you should know about Styrofoam packaging recycling2018-04-19

In response to environmental protection, recycling has become a way of life, but do you really know the benefits of recycling

GREENMAX machine has realized the reusing of resources in the true sense2018-04-12

More than 8 million tons of plastics enter the ocean each year, a large part of which is ingested by birds and fish

Professional machines and recycling programs are all necessary for Styrofoam recycling2018-04-11

The news reported that Styrofoam waste will be recycled through a Macon County pilot program

Recycling foam containers helps control environmental pollution by reducing waste dumps2018-04-09

Online ordering allows people to live more conveniently, but also brings a large number of takeaway trash

Problems caused by polystyrene waste make it more important for polystyrene recycling2018-04-04

Polystyrene is a petroleum-based plastics. Once it is used to insulate beverages and food or buffer vulnerable items

GREENMAX machine can effectively turn the waste into wealth2018-03-30

It is reported that the floating of rubbish in the Pacific is more than previously thought, which has rounded the alarm for human beings

Effective recycling of Styrofoam cups is better than any alternative2018-03-28

Recently, Starbucks cooperated with a company called Closed Loop Partners have jointly launched a competition

It is essential for GREENMAX to protect the environment2018-03-23

While people are using more and more polystyrene products, polystyrene waste is just like tidal water flowing into all aspects of life

The new model of Internet Recycling can greatly improve plastic waste recycling industry2018-03-22

Recently, a British company has completed a fund-raising program on its crowdfunding website

Don’t let online shopping become a disaster to the environment2018-03-16

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, online shopping has become the first choice of shopping

What is your opinion on polystyrene products ban2018-03-15

At present, zero waste is no longer just a slogan, more and more countries are making effort to create an environment-friendly society

Polystyrene recycling is more economical and environmental protection instead of being banned2018-03-08

According to reports, the British Foreign Office decided to no longer use polystyrene takeout containers

Plastic foam recycling is still a problem after the limit for ten years2018-03-07

For a long time, various forms of disposable plastic products have been widely used in our daily life.

Protecting the environment and effectively using resources is an eternal mission of GREENMAX2018-03-01

The rapid development of the plastics industry has provided a lot of convenience for people's life and production.

EPS recycling has become more important with enhanced recycling awareness2018-02-28

The most common form of plastic #6 is actually referred to EPS, expanded polystyrene foam

Polystyrene compactor has captured people's attention in the polystyrene recycling fields2018-02-10

The end of the year is the busiest time for the express industry because many people will buy Special purchases for the Spring Festival

GREENMAX foam densifier can make it easier for your polystyrene cups recycling2018-02-07

On your way to work or at leisure, there is always a cup of coffee or tea in your hand

Should polystyrene packaging be banned or recycled2018-01-31

The rapid development of the plastic industry has helped to improve people's living standard

Polystyrene recycling makes resources that can be fully and rationally utilized2018-01-30

Polystyrene waste is a big danger for the world's oceans and lakes, and for the marine lives that depend on them for life.

How can a polystyrene compactor achieve the goal of turning waste into treasure2018-01-26

It is reported that Concord is going to join the list of California cities that ban polystyrene foam containers and beverage containers

GREENMAX machines can help you get rid of large chunks of Styrofoam2018-01-26

Lots of items in our daily life may come with very large blocks of Styrofoam packaging, especially during transportation

GRRENMAX will always provide you the solution of Styrofoam coffee cups recycling2018-01-19

In the morning, a lot of people will drink coffee because it can add energy quickly.

EPS insulation recycling spurred by GREENMAX foam recycling machines2018-01-18

Expanded polystyrene, better known as EPS, is one of the multipurpose polymers available for a variety of applications.

GREENMAX machine will always bring a bright future for the recycling industry2018-01-11

Under the motto of “Zero Waste,” the D.C. Department of Public Works has issued new regulations, effective January

Waste Styrofoam can achieve its value through GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor2018-01-09

Styrofoam, known as a trademark of Dow Chemical Company since 1941, has gradually become the necessities in our daily life

GREENMAX has always supported the plastic recycling program2018-01-08

In order to meet the EU directive on environmental protection, Spain started a nationwide ban on freely providing contaminated

Do not make Christmas decorations pollute our beautiful environment 2017-12-27

After Christmas, the Christmas decorations in the streets have lost their "freshness".

GREENMAX foam recycling machine is able to stimulate EPS recycling2017-12-21

As the report goes, the total amount of EPS recycling in 2016 was over 1.18 billion pounds, including 6300 million pounds of post

Recycling waste with a recycling machine can create valuable products 2017-12-16

The U.N. Environment Assembly (UNEA) opened in Nairobi, Kenya for three days. Over 100 countries attended the conference.

Foam packaging from your gift can be recycled with a Styrofoam densifier2017-12-07

As Christmas gets closer the shops get more and more crowded because many people are choosing gifts for friends and family.

GREENMAX is a stable recycling machine supplier to help you dispose of your waste2017-12-01

Polystyrene is non-toxic, lightweight, durable and odorless and thus is the best packaging material when carrying food, vegetables or ice.

GREENMAX recycling machine can help you improve the quality of plastic recycling2017-11-22

In July, China informed the WTO that it planned to ban the import of 24 kinds of solid waste

GREENAMX has new type of foam densifier for sale for EPS recycling2017-11-15

GREENMAX now has enjoyed a wide range of popularity around the world for its high efficiency and effectiveness of EPS recycling

Furniture foam package recycling through foam densifiers will be a growing trend around the world2017-11-08

Foams can be seen everywhere. As the foam is light and weight, it is widely used in the form of domestic appliance foam package

EPS recycling can be addressed through GREENMAX to save transportation cost and storage space2017-10-31

In 1941, Dow scientist Ray McIntyre invented extruded polystyrene foam (Styrofoam)

GREENMAX polystyrene compactor supplier can be a reliable partner you can cooperate with 2017-10-27

Last year, the capacity of some big cities is saturated

GREENMAX machine is in a position of vital significance in environmental protection2017-10-24

While bringing the convenience to human’s social life and production, the development of plastic also leads to a host of waste plastic litter problems

GREENMAX provides EPS compactor for sale to pursue EPS recycling2017-10-23

Human beings make a lot of garbage every day, but few people care about it

A kind of polystyrene compactor that can achieve the goal of recycling resources2017-10-20

Chunks of polystyrene have been found near the North Pole by scientists. This is very shocking how polystyrene litter has spread

GREENMAX foam densifier can be your best choice for foam recycling2017-09-29

The GREENMAX, known as the brand of EPS foam volume reduction machine, is established in the United States

EPE recycling can find its way in GREENMAX PE foam recycling machines2017-09-22

Polyethylene (PE) foam is a class of thermoplastics and is derived from polymerization of ethylene

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier can be of great help to EPS market and the recycling industry2017-09-13

According to the report, global demand for polystyrene and expanded polystyrene was valued at USD 32 billion

GREENMAX recycling machine can be economic for you 2017-09-09

How to deal with these wastes caused by polystyrene foam containers

GREENMAX foam densifier can offer a green-based solution to foam recycling2017-08-31

According to incomplete statistics, by 2025, every sea fish in the ocean will have 330 grams of waste plastic foams

EPS fruit boxes recycling can be realized by GREENMAX for sustainable development2017-08-25

No matter what the season is, we have the access to buy and enjoy different fruit as long as we want

EPS machines like thermal densifiers can solve many difficulties about EPS recycling 2017-08-16

Since Dow Chemical Co. invented it in 1941, Americans have engaged in a love affair with expanded polystyrene

Polystyrene crusher from GREENMAX can react positively to the prohibition of waste plastic import2017-08-03

By the end of 2017, China will comprehensively ban the import of solid waste which is environmentally harmful

EPS densifier is in an urgent demand due to the increasing difficulty of EPS recycling 2017-07-27

It is expected to reach $42 billion in 2020, and during 2015 to 2020, the annual compound growth rate is about 4.5%

Thermal densifier can be a great assistant to foam recycling2017-07-24

According to the Malaysia Chinese newspaper, recently after a field investigation of 30 beaches in Scotland

Polystyrene recycling has aroused a wide attention at present2017-07-14

Polystyrene is an excellent material for packaging, which is usually used in household appliances packaging or frozen food packaging

Polystyrene compactor is an environmental-friendly manner in polystyrene recycling2017-07-07

With the rapid development of polystyrene, it has been widely used in a variety of shock packaging, construction

Greenmax styrofoam densifiers turn waste into treasure2017-06-28

Styrofoam is probably well known as EPS.Now it also can be called airpop sometimes.styrofoam is widely used for package and insulation material

How to recycle styrofoam correctly2017-06-14

Polystyrene is one of the most common forms of plastic. Polystyrene is a very versatile material and is recyclable.

The importance of Styrofoam compactor2017-06-07

Styrofoam is a good packaging material in many applications, it is often used for food containers to preserve the food

Foam densifiers can help people keep recyclable foam materials out of landfills2017-05-26

Recycling is the best way to keep trash out of landfills and help minimize our environmental footprint. Recycling must be placed in city-acceptable bi

Polyethylene densifier can help conduct the recycling of polyethylene2017-05-23

To recycle polyethylene is a vital process for our environment. Considering over 60 million metric tons of it is produced annually for use in packagin

Polystyrene shredder from GREENMAX can help smash polystyrene foam containers2017-05-20

Polystyrene foam take-out containers, such as those from restaurants and grocery stores are not accepted in the curbside recycling collection, but the

EPS densifier is a machine that can reduce the foam volume by melting2017-05-16

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is an excellent packaging material which made of 98% air. It is often referred as packing foam. EPS is widely used in produ

Polystyrene foam densifier can effectively manage your foam package at your place2017-05-13

Polystyrene foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam, is universally used as packing material for protecting fragile items in transit. The world produce

GREENMAX Polystyrene densifier can help recovery the polystyrene items2017-05-10

Polystyrene is technically a plastic polymer that is useful in industry because of its ability to act as a solid, be melted down, reshaped and then co

EPS hot melting machine can help realize the first step of EPS recycling2017-05-05

Recycling Expanded Polystyrene(EPS) is difficult, but it's not impossible. Styrofoam is technically a number 6 plastic. It's also known as Styrofoam.

A Styrofoam compactor can break the prejudice of recycling Styrofoam2017-04-28

There are two reasons Styrofoam isn’t allowed in recycling bins: it’s density and contamination. Styrofoam is almost 98% air, so it is not cost-effect

An American brand machine - GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor can reduce large foam volume2017-04-25

Styrofoam refers to expanded polystyrene foam, such as disposable coffee cups, coolers or cushioning material in packaging, which is typically white a

EPS compactor is a suitable machine to dispose the waste EPS packaging materials2017-04-21

EPS growth for this year is 1.90% and EPS growth for next year is expected to reach at 20.46%. EPS growth in past five years was -0.50% while EPS grow

GREENMAX ZEUS series compactors can help people recycle EPE foam for the first step2017-04-18

Expanded polyethylene foam (EPE) is a kind of material that often used as the packaging of fragile products. Because it’s durable and lightweight and

GREENMAX foam compactors can help people reduce foam volume for recycling2017-04-14

Polystyrene foam is used heavily in food service because it’s cheap, but very little of it is recycled or reused due to food contamination. In that re

Packaging foams densifiers can help people turn the waste into treasure2017-04-11

Packaging foams are made up of material types such as PS, PU, PO, PE and others. PS is the most versatile type of polymer foam. EPS and XPS are two ty

The GREENMAX compactor is a good helper to EPE foam recycling to the Europe converters2017-03-31

Insulation materials such as polyethylene foam (PE foam) are used in the various end-use industry such as automotive, non-residential construction and

PE foam densifiers may play an important role in PE foam’s recycling2017-03-29

The polyethylene (PE) foams market is projected to reach USD 6.85 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 5.9% from 2017 to 2021. This growth is mainly driven b

Foam densifiers from GREENMAX raised much attention in America2017-03-25

GREENMAX participated in the United States Foam Expo exhibition at the end of February this year. Although it was the first exhibition held in the Uni

Machine for disposing PE foam is an important “step” for recycling2017-03-21

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is most commonly used to cushion products in packaging applications. PE foams are designed to provide maximu

EPS screw compactor from GREENMAX can realize your Styrofoam recycling dream2017-03-17

Nowadays, the Styrofoam (also known as EPS) recycling industries become more and more popular. And the recycled Styrofoam materials are raw materials

GREENMAX Silo can save much labor when companies recycle Styrofoam2017-03-14

Have you started to recycle Styrofoam? Nowadays, Styrofoam recycling is rather a matter of concern for many people from the world. And the good news i

To be a conscientious company, GreenMax is always on its way2017-03-11

China's General Administration of Customs (GAC) has begun implementing a border control regimen called “National Sword” or “Border-gate Sword,” which

Recycling of polyurethane foam may grow2017-03-07

Polyurethane products often are simply called “urethanes”, but should not be confused with ethyl carbamate, which is also called urethane. Polyurethan

What kind of polyethylene material can be recycled?2017-03-03

Polyethylene (PE) or polyethylene is the most common plastic. The annual global production is around 80 million tons. Its primary use is in packaging

Plastics packaging like styrofoam boxes need to be recycled2017-02-28

The world recycles just 14% of the plastic packaging it uses. Even worse: 8m tons of plastic, much of it packaging, ends up in the oceans each year, w

More jobs can be created by recycling business2017-02-24

Now the world's population is growing, the employment problem is getting more and more severe too. Why I said the recycling industry can bring more jo

Recycling equipment to dispose your ”soles”?2017-02-22

Actually, the most common material of the soles is the EVA foam material. EVA is an elastomeric polymer that produces materials which are "rubber-like

Good quality comes from constant experimentation and innovation2017-02-21

Recycling is an effective way to deal with waste foam materials. As the economy continues to change and living standards continue to improve, there ha

Does the EPS concrete industry need EPS beads all year round?2017-02-20

Polystyrene beads as a very light but strong building component EPS concrete, or expanded polystyrene concrete has highly insulating properties and ca

Plastic packaging recycling calls for more attention2017-02-10

A new report from the Davos World Economic Forum gathering is calling for strategies to dramatically increase recycling of plastic packaging—from 14 %

Recycling solution to food foam packaging2017-02-08

Can food foam packaging be recycled? Isn't it too dirty to recycle?
No. Some have expressed concern about food residue on food foam packaging, includ

EPS seafood packaging waste problem can be solved by using recycling machines2017-01-24

EPS foam can be compressed to a fraction of its original size, usually it is made into a small stack of foam log as disposable food containers in ord

People take various methods to recycle polystyrene waste2017-01-23

People are all concerned about the serious environment pollution and trying to find out the efficient ways to solve the problem. Even the kids are awa

Applying machines to solve the problem of waste polystyrene products2017-01-18

Recently, people took a step which will help conserve the capacity of landfills, reduce transportation costs and provide the product that will be used

Application of the improved recycling machines and technology2017-01-13

Since people’s living standard has increased, the life pace is also getting faster. People are adapted to use the disposable plastic products in order

The problem of foam waste can be solved with the application of machines2017-01-10

Few of people would regard the polystyrene or EPS foam as plastic waste. These two things don’t belong to plastic waste in most of the people’s minds.

Machines with new improved Polystyrene recycling technology2017-01-06

Polystyrene foam waste are recycled with recycling machines in many countries. This is a major step toward freeing valuable landfill space and restori

Different types of machines make polystyrene recycling faster and easier2017-01-04

People are becoming to know the importance and necessity of protecting the environment due to the harm of polystyrene products during the recent years