Liquid Extraction From PET Bottle Outdated Beverage Liquid

Background of GreenMax PET bottle recycling

The wide application of PET bottles in the beverage industry has resulted in large quantities of waste bottles, which needs outdated beverage recycling. Waste PET bottles come from daily consumption of bottle packed drinks, line-rejected, returned and date expired PET bottle beverage products in factories and so on.

And it’s a big problem for all beverage producers to deal with the massive waste PET bottles because there are liquids remained in the bottles and the bottles waste storage and transporting space. Aiming at this marketing needs, GreenMax promotes the Poseidon Series, which is specially designed for compacting containers like PET bottles, aluminum cans and so on.

GreenMax initially focused on EPS recycling machines, in order to make it more convenient for our EPS recycling business and to enlarge our waste EPS supply sources. However, when realizing the difficulties of dealing with waste PET bottles of the beverage producers and bottle recyclers, GreenMax feels necessary to step into this area and provide professional machinery service for them.

Poseidon C350

Current situation of PET bottle

PET is a highly crystalline polymers in milky white or light yellow, with a smooth and shiny surface. PET has good properties of creep resistance, fatigue resistance and abrasion resistance. It also has the best toughness among all the thermoplastics and little affection from the temperature.

As a kind of non-toxic plastic, PET is used as a raw material for making packaging such as bottles and containers to packaging a wide range of food products and consumer goods, such as soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, pharmaceutical products, detergents, cosmetics, and edible oils.

PET Bottles

Traditional way of PET bottle recycling

Since the abandoned waste PET bottles would cause great waste and white pollution, it’s necessary to get them recycled. Traditional way of plastic bottle recycling brings many problems for the beverage producers and bottle recyclers.

No.1 it’s very troublesome and tiring to pour out the liquids from the bottles manually and it’s costive to hire people to do this work.
No.2 the empty bottles are still large in volume and waste storage and transporting space.
No.3 the whole procedure would make the processing place dirty and messy, which is a quite unpleasant scene.

Poseidon comes to get rid of these troubles

With the help of Poseidon, all you need to do is pulse-on the machine and then throw the PET bottles into the feed bins. Poseidon can do all the rest tasks automatically. The liquids are squeezed out while the bottles are compacted.

cola draining

After process, 85%-95% of the liquids are extracted from the bottles and they are collected into a tank. Before draining out, they would be treated first in order to avoid water pollution. As for the compacting effect, the bottles’ volume ratio before and after compacting is around 6:1.


Applications of the recycled PET bottles

There are industries that reuse the recycled PET bottles. They serve as the driving force of PET bottle recycling and outdated liquid recycling, otherwise the bottles still exist as waste plastic even though they are dewatered and compacted.

For example, the waste PET bottles recycled in German are compacted into smaller sizes and sold to China. Chinese factories process the waste bottles into textiles such as woollen sweaters, which are transported back to the Germany market. The price of the raw materials equals only 32 Euro cents, while the woollen sweaters are sold at the unit-price of 50-100 Euros. There is good profits.

sweater made of waste PET bottle

GreenMax wishes to help you

The line of PET bottle producing, recycling, and reusing forms a sustainable and promising industrial train in which the advanced technologies play an important role. Poseidon of GreenMax wants to serve you better and wishes to make PET bottle recycling a pleasant and easy thing to do.

PET Recycling

GREENMAX POSEIDON has three models

1. P-C350: Output capacity of 350 kg/h
2. P-C200: Output capacity of 200 kg/h
3. P-C900: Output capacity of 900 kg/h

Successful Cases
1. Pepsi in Tailand
2. Nestle in United States

Poseidon C350 PET Bottle

Throughput: 350kg/h

Screw Reduction Ratio: 50:1

Bottle Volume Reduction: 8:1

Compressed PET Density: 250kg/m3

Total Power Consumption: 15.5kw


Video LogoVIDEO:Pepsi in Tailand


waste pet

Waste PET drinks to be destroyed

Old way

Old way to destroy the drink bottles by hands

dewater PET bottles

GREENMAX is running to dewater PET bottles

Cola draining

Cola draining out of the PET bottles

Dewatered PET bottles

Dewatered PET bottles

Details dewatered bottles

Details of the dewatered PET bottles

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