Liquid extraction from beverage cartons

Apart from PET bottle, Aluminum can, carton is also a major form of beverage packaging. Just like the former two packaging, beverage cartons also face the problem of recycling. The date expired, line-rejected, returned and daily consumed beverage packaged in cartons cause large amount of waste beverage cartons for the manufacturers and recyclers.

beverage cartons

Liquids in Beverage cartons are even much harder to get extracted by labor work than the PET bottles because the holes on the cartons are very small. Therefore, mechanical support is very necessary in this situation. Poseidon Series of GreenMax recycling machines is just available for packaging and containers like beverage cartons. With strong mechanical pressure, the liquid can be easily extracted.



About Beverage Cartons

Beverage Cartons usually consist of several layers of materials according to the preservation characters of the beverage inside. Milk, juice and tea are the main types of beverage that packaged in cartons. Take milk box with roof structure for example. The milk box has three layers: polyethylene, paper and polyethylene, just for the purpose of keep the milk stay fresh and preserve its original flavor.

roof structure

Cartons have good properties of light in weight and strong renewability. Generally, beverage cartons are compositely made of paper and other materials like aluminum foil and polyethylene plastic, all of which are recyclable. The paper used in cartons are long-fiber pulp and is the high quality raw material of regenerated paper.

regenerated products

The Current Recycling Situation

Now more people are aware of the importance of resource recycling and environmental protection. Paper beverage cartons as have great recycling values are gradually catching people’s attention. There are recycling nets in this field. Large-scaled beverage distributors, individual collectors, recycling companies collect and recycle waste cartons from different sources, and then transport them together to the reprocessing companies where waste cartons materials are made into new valuable products, like regenerated shopping bags, Kraft paper, notebooks and so on.

recycling net

Poseidon Comes to Help

The collection and recycling step mentioned above is just where Poseidon machine can play an important role. Individual collectors commonly get the cartons thrown by beverage consumers so there are less liquids or residues in the cartons, but the large-scaled distributors and recycling companies have large amount of waste beverage cartons, part of which are line-rejected, date-expire and returned beverages.

beverage cartons recycling

Therefore, they are quite in need of professional recycling machines to help them solve the problem of extracting liquids and compacting cartons efficiently. GreenMax Poseidon machine is able to provide following service and facilities to deal with the waste beverage cartons with liquid and help to save handling cost and transport space when recycling.

1. Dewater: Automotive compression make the drink liquid separated with the packaging.
2. Compact: Strong pressure compact the cartons into smaller volumes with the ratio of 6:1.
3. The separated liquid could be collected in the tank to get recycled and reused again in an appropriate way.

volume ratio 6:1

GREENMAX POSEIDON has three models

1. P-C200: Output capacity of 200 kg/h
2. P-C350: Output capacity of 350 kg/h
3. P-C900: Output capacity of 900 kg/h

Poseidon C350 Beverage Cartons

Throughput: 350kg/h
Screw Reduction Ratio: 50:1
Cartons Volume Reduction: 8:1
Total Power Consumption: 15.5kw


Video LogoVIDEO:Beverage cartons dewatering


Waste beverage cartons

Waste beverage cartons to be destroyed

Juice draining

Juice draining out of the beverage cartons

dewater beverage

GREENMAX is running to dewater beverage cartons

Dewatered cartons

Dewatered beverage cartons

cartons details

Details of the beverage cartons

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