GreenMax™ is a Polystyrene/ Styrofoam/ EPS Recycling Machine Specialist, including Styrofoam compactor/densifier, beverage dewatering machine, and foam melting machine. GREENMAX recycle and buy back EPS Foam blocks/ingots.

Established in 2010, GreenMax™ is the registered trade mark of recycling machine produced by INTCO Recycling. GreenMax™ have the function of EPS foam crushing, washing, compacting, and liquid extraction/seperation from packagings.

GreenMax™ has sold Styrofoam recycling machine to different countries.It has been Styrofoam Recycling solution leader in the United States and Europe.


Government Needs Regard Foam Densifier as An Umbrella in Disposing White Foam Pollution


The Use of Styrofoam Densifier in Recycling Events Help Keep Out of the Waste Stream


EPS Foam Densifier Enables Furniture Manufacturers to Realize Zero Foam Disposal Cost


How to Solve the Problem of the Circuit Breaker of Foam Compactor


EPS Foam Recycling by Foam Densifier Will Replace Expensive Landfilling in the Future




Confirm the Foam material you want to recycle and choose the GREENMAX Machines you need:

GREENMAX Styrofoam Compactor APOLO C200

Styrofoam compactor

GREENMAX™ Styrofoam compactor is using Compression to process waste Styrofoam/EPS Foam, with 50:1 compress ratio it works good at EPS, XPS, and PSP scrap material.

GREENMAX Polystyrene Compactor APOLO system SWD

Polystyrene compactor

GREENMAX™ SWD(Shred-Wash-Dry)Compactor is aimed at dirty Styrofoam/EPS foam recycling. The SWD System can be applied to garden tray with sand, Polystyrene foam with oil, with 50:1 compression ratio.

GREENMAX Foam densifier ZEUS C200

Foam densifier

GREENMAX™ foam densifier is using Compression and Surface melt to recycle waste Polyethylene/EPE foam scrap the surface melting technology perform well on block easily.

GREENMAX PET dewater Poseidon C200

Beverage Package Dewater

GREENMAX™ dewatering equipment is applied for rejected, returned and date expired beverage or drinking products like PET bottles, Alum cans, yogurt, can efficiently dewater and compress meanwhile to save labor cost.

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier Melting machine

Styrofoam densifier

GREENMAX™ Styrofoam densifier is using HEAT to process waste foam scrap, like Styrofoam/EPS foam, Polyethylene foam, and polypropylene foam,with 90:1 melting ratio.