Poseidon C200 Dewatering And Compacting Shampoo Bottles Video

How to recycle Shampoo bottles? Our Shampoo bottles recycling machine GreenMax Poseidon series are used to compact the Shampoo bottles into blocks, the liquids are squeezed out while the shampoo bottles are compacted. As for the dewatering and compacting effect, the bottles’ volume ratio before and after compacting is around 6:1. The applicable materials are a lot, including PET bottles, aluminum cans, PP/PE films, beverage cartons and yogurt cups..The following video is Shampoo bottles handling process.



Throughput: 200kg/h

Testing Material: Shampoo bottles

Screw Reduction Ratio: 50:1

Bottle Volume Reduction: 8:1

Compressed Density: 250kg/m3

Total Power Consumption: 8.05kw