EPS Beads Grinder EPS beads crusher video

How to crush waste EPS into beads?? Greenmax Recycling EPS beads shredder can help producer to recycle waste styrofoam and smashed them into beads. The waste EPS scraps and waste EPS foam could be reused once combining with EPS raw material. That is, waste EPS foam could be made into new material by the producer according to definite proportion after processing.The following video is EPS beads crusher process.


Weight:850 kg

Capacity: 25-30 m³/h

Testing Material: EPS foam

Power: 15 KW / 20.1 HP

Standard: CE / UL / CSA

Diameter of Beads Smashed: 4-12 mm

Dimension: 3040×1800×1900 (l/w/h) mm



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