Furniture package recycling management

Furniture package recycling problems:

There are mainly two areas where our GREENMAX machine is necessary.

The first area is waste furniture. Nowadays, furniture like Sofa, refrigerator, TV, desks and chairs are all made of plastic all other recyclable materials. They are more good-looking, cost-saving and recyclable. For the useless furniture, recycling enables them to turn into valuable resources again.

The second area is furniture packages. For furniture manufacturers, once a set of furniture is finished, we have to use a lot of foam and plastic materials to protect the furniture from been damaged during transportation. So large quantities of foams and plastics are needed and used every day. For furniture manufactures, they need plenty, they waste plenty. A better solution is to recycle and reuse the waste foam and plastic packages. To make it more specific, I mean accumulate these recyclable wastes and sell them to wastes recyclers. Considering that these packages are usually light-weighted but in large sizes, it is not a wise idea to directly transport these packages to the recycler’s. Nor is it possible to hire some people to do the compression work. The labor cost is very high and the efficiency is quite low, not to mention this is really a boring job. Then how to deal with these waste furniture packages?

Furniture package recycling solution:

In fact, recycling furniture package is the best way and GREENMAX is what you need to recycles. GREENMAX has a series of machines that have compacting and melting function according to different kinds of wastes. It is designed for wastes compacting. By using GREENMAX, all problems are gone. Just one set of machine saves many employees labor cost and efficiency greatly exceeds labor. In addition, the compacting effect is undoubtedly satisfactory.

waste furniture package

furniture package recycling

In this way, package purchase cost is saved, resource is conserved and profit is made.

GREENMAX has a series of machines that have compacting and melting function according to different kinds of wastes.

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