GREENMAX applied in can food

can food recycling problems:

Common can food package materials are aluminum; nowadays plastic materials are also widely used.

Can food package production cost is relatively higher than ordinary paper package and plastic package. So it would save a lot of money if used cans could be recycled and reused. But can food package has its own particularity, there are left over food contained. For one thing, it is dirty and disgusting if compacted directly; for another, there is bad smell given off if not dealt with soon and can food manufacture is at high speed and at large scales. Traditional machine is not able to separate the food; manufacturers have to hire several workers to pour out the food one by one. The efficiency is incredibly low, but the labor cost is incredibly high.

For all these reasons, can food manufacturers are in desperate need for a high efficiency and low cost way to deal with these can food package.

Fish box recycling solution:

GREENMAX is just what they are looking for!

GREENMAX can automatically screw the left food out at a high efficiency. Just one GREENMAX machine can solve all the problems. The automatically operating GREENMAX Saves the labor cost, increases the efficiency, saves space and makes transportation much easier.

can food package

Hawaii Aluminum Can

Aluminum cans for beverage packaging are quite popular among the whole world, so it leads to a large aluminum consumption amount. Now many recyclers s