Lithuania Fish Box Recycling

East to the Baltic ocean, Lithuania also has lots of fish processors and businessmen. Since fish boxes can only be used once, so large quantities of waste fish boxes are produced every day. Therefore it’s a good choice for many fish businessmen to recycle the waste fish boxes, and some waste recyclers also purchase waste fish boxes from them.

Since there is need, there is a market. The fish boxes recyclers and fish processors have a demand for equipment to deal with the piled up EPS boxes, while GreenMax of INTCO Recycling finds it a big market of waste EPS materials.

One of our Lithuanian customers is operating GreenMax:

operating GreenMax
operating GreenMax

He is quite satisfied with our EPS compactor:

satisfied with GreenMax

These are the GreenMax compacted waste EPS fish boxes. We buy back these waste EPS blocks to make construction moldings and artistic framings. In this way, we are turning the waste into values.

Compacted EPS blocks