Middle school students learned about Intco Styrofoam recycling in Shanghai

In November 2nd, 35 second grade pupils from a middle school in Shanghai learned a vivid lesson about environmental protection. It aims to arouse the students' consciousness about garbage classification.



Intco staff introduced how to recycle and reuse Styrofoam. During the time, we had a lively discussion with those cute students. Cheerfully students are very interested in Styrofoam recycling processes and some said that they would share the manufacturing and sales process of eco-frames with their parents when they were back.

After that, students and teachers came to the exhibition hall. There are a large variety of beautiful and exquisite photo frames, mirror frames and finished building materials displayed. Students touched and looked around, are surprised by the exquisite products. They even took out the notebook and wrote what they learned there.



The activity teaches our students that waste Styrofoam can be turned into treasure and garbage needs to be collected separately. In the interactive session, the students have finished a lot of drawings full of the idea of environmental protection.



In the end, the students expressed that they have learned a lot. They asked our our staff different problems and discussed with them actively. Furthermore, they have showed a great interest in the harm of hazardous waste and foreign waste classification.


Foreign teachers who visited the factory said that students can learn a lot that couldn’t get from the textbooks. This kind of activity made them more intuitively wake up to the importance of Styrofoam recycling. Since then, they are trend to pay more attention to children's education in the field of environmental protection.