GREENMAX can provide foam densifier with a reasonable price as foam densifier supplier

Previously people always thought that the Styrofoam can't be recycled. However, through years’ exploring, INTCO RECYCLING developed a total solution of Styrofoam recycling: manufacturing the Styrofoam densifier, buying back recycled Styrofoam, and then reusing to produce framing products and decoration moldings.

Every year INTCO recycles more than 10 million pounds waste Styrofoam from all over the world, which changes to 6000 containers moldings and framing products to sell in the world market.

As foam densifier supplier, GREENMAX provides different kinds of Styrofoam densifiers. With the good quality and after-sale service, GREENMAX foam densifier has been the premier brand of foam recycling equipment in the world market. Until now, there are more than 500 sets GREENMAX foam densifier running in every corner of the world.

The GREENMAX densifier can deal with many foam materials such as EPS, EPP, EPE, XPS, etc. With the screw melting technology, the machine can enable a continuous output at a ratio of 90:1. The high-density foam ingot weights up to 25T per 40HQ container load. Equipped with reputable PHOENIX, SCHNEIDER, NSK components, GREENMAX ensures great safety, reliability and durability. The three stages of temperature control manipulate output color as white as possible. Besides, the GREENMAX foam densifier is quite easy to operate with no additional adjustment required during operation and just start and stop. GREENMAX machines are CE approved and comply with UL/CSA standards.

As the biggest end user of recycled Styrofoam, all the recycled Styrofoam that produced by GREENMAX will be guaranteed to be bought back by us at a very good price.

The foam densifier price is also within the range of what you can accept according to the foam densifier model. You are welcomed to visit us and remain your questions.