GREENMAX will always take the mission to protect our environment

The documentary "the blue planet II" attracted much attention recently,  the British "Daily Mail" reported on November 19, there is a tear-jerking scene —— a baby whale died of marine pollution and her mother took its body and refused to let it go for days.

"The blue planet II" commentator David Attenborough said in the documentary, this newly born little whale, is likely to be poisoned by his mother's milk. "Now, in the Atlantic ocean, marine life is forced to coexist with plastic. Pilot whales have developed brains that can feel emotions, and the loss of their children's sadness spreads throughout the family.”


“If humans continue to dump plastic and industrial pollutants into the ocean, Marine life will continue to be poisoned for hundreds of years. Compared to other organisms, Marine life is far from human, and even so, they can't get rid of human influence."


The waste plastic mainly includes PET bottles, plastic bags and Styrofoam food trays. Recycling waste plastics is not difficult if we find the right way to recycle it.

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To reduce the waste plastics pollution, GREENMAX will always take the mission to protect our environment. If interested, you are welcome to leave your comments.