INTCO has shown its superiority at Children’s Photography Industry Development Summit

On November 23, 2017, the 9th Children’s Photography Industry Development Summit was successfully concluded in Xiamen, China. INTCO, as the industry's outstanding suppliers of photo frames, received an award at this summit.



As of early 2017, the total number of children's photography enterprises in China is 91800, with 1.35 million employees and annual turnover of 61.5 billion yuan. China's children's photography market has been ranked first in the world.

Children's photographic career will greatly develop in the future. With the improvement of people's living standards, photos and images has become a part of our spiritual life. People's demand for Image Culture is increasing.



This summit has attached great importance to the role of supporting suppliers in promoting the development of the industry. INTCO is also honored to be invited to attend the summit.

INTCO not only needs to satisfy the simple demand of the studio, and the more important is to create the demand, create the high level, high quality and high performance price ratio of frame products. We are committed to cultivate the growth point in the high-end consumption.



With the development of society, people's living standard continues to rise, so the demand for image products is also increasing. Unfortunately, at present, the lack of good products and service capacity imbalance can not meet the high-end consumer demand. The beautiful frames from INTCO are made of recycled polystyrene. Actually, INTCO adheres to the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, we  also manufacture GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machines, and purchase back compressed polystyrene blocks to make new products, so that the waste will be turned into treasure.



INTCO aims to cultivate new advantages and development of kinetic energy in the differentiation, personalization and customization. We are trying to significantly improve service levels and service capabilities, that creates high-end brand with the products, the service and the reputation.

As the award-winning unit of the summit, INTCO will continue to bring more new technologies to the industry. We are looking forward to better industry development.