EPS fruit box recycling can be realized by polystyrene crusher and compactor provided by GREENMAX

EPS fruit boxes are necessary to all the large vegetable and fruit markets for keeping fresh and for the safety during transportation. People must know the Melbourne market, the largest vegetable and fruit wholesale market in Australia. Every day it will collect a lot of waste polystyrene foam packaging for fruits and vegetables. Solutions for the EPS fruit box recycling is necessary for them or otherwise these EPS waste will be sent to landfill, not only causing pollution to the environment, but also giving rise to much waste of resources.

Actions were executed immediately when they bought 3 GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machines in 2015. Now, Melbourne market generates all the waste EPS every day and regularly gathers them to the polystyrene recycling center for recycling, and the compressed blocks will be sold back to INTCO RECYCLING finally.


Secrets for EPS fruit boxes recycling through GREENMAX lie in the polystyrene crusher, a machine which can crush the bulky EPS fruit boxes into small pieces. The crusher is equipped with two rows of sharp screw rods. All the foam material, no matter how bulky or light it is, will be smashed thoroughly into 20-50 mm EPS dusts. After crushing, the GREENMAX compactor will compact the EPS dusts into compacted blocks, which is only one-fiftieth of the original volume.

Like many other customers, Melbourne markets are now very satisfied with the polystyrene recycling solution provided by GREENMAX. Their EPS blocks are sold back to make environmental frame products by INTCO. It is believed that due to the continuous joint efforts, they will be able to recycle more waste polystyrene foam in Australia and ultimately increase the recycling rate of polystyrene and save the world’s energy and resources.