EPS fruit boxes recycling can be realized by GREENMAX for sustainable development

No matter what the season is, we have the access to buy and enjoy different fruit as long as we want. Northerners can eat the fruit growing in the South, and domestic people can even taste fresh fruit from all over the world.

Admittedly, it is due to the convenient traffic that make the whole world united. More importantly, it is also owing to the EPS fruit boxes for packaging and transportation.Below are the reasons why EPS fruit boxes are widely applied.

First of all, the foam boxes as packaging of fruits in the transport process can effectively prevent the fruit from damage caused by a knock or bump on the road. Because foam packaging has cushioning and elasticity, it can protect fruits very well in the transportation.

Another real key point is that the foam box has the effect of keeping fresh due to its conventional effect of thermal insulation. In the long distance transportation, only maintaining a steady temperature can prevent the fruit from deterioration, and it is the real reason why the foam box has the effect of keeping fresh, which leads to a wide appliance.

However, along with the extensive application, the pollution also follows, together with the increasing difficulty of EPS fruit box recycling.


Instead of being thrown into landfills without further disposing, recycling is much more advisable, not only for environmental protection, but also for sustainable development.
Regarding to EPS recycling machines, GREENMAX has specially designed APOLO series screw compactors and MARS series thermal densifiers. Due to the large volume of EPS fruit boxes, both of these two kinds of machines can smash and then compress or heat the EPS boxes into blocks or ingots, for the purpose of volume reduction and cost-effective transportation.


GREENMAX has now helped a large number of customers to successfully recycle EPS or other foam materials, including many world’s top 500 companies, such as DOW, RICOH, GREE, ASHLEY and so on.

The on-site installation and technical guidance, the thoughtful after-sale services, have been highly praised by so many customers at home and abroad.