PE foam recycling can be handled easily and quickly by GREENMAX recycling machines

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is most commonly used to cushion products in packaging applications. PE foams are designed to provide maximum protection with a minimum use of material, reducing the amount of packaging required.

Thus, PE foam have used in so many fields and now people have a great demand for this foam. Meanwhile, waste PE foam have also been produced. Waste PE foam have pollution on the environment if not recollected or recycled. Luckily, now the new technology could get rid of so much troubles. That is to say, now people could handle PE foam recycling easily and quickly.


The foam densifier, which belongs to GREENMAX, is a recycling machine which can divide the recycling process into two parts: crushing and melting. The crushing is to make the bulky PE foam waste into small countless pieces and the melting is to make these pieces into melted ingots with the volume reduction ratio up to 90:1. Then the EPS ingots will be put into a steel container for cooling and shaping, stored for granulation of PS pellets and made into other plastic products like frames to finish the close-loop of PE foam recycling.


Apart from the foam densifier, GREENMAX also provides a kind of foam compactor with surface melting technology. The compactor has double shredders for thoroughly smashing and then compact them with the volume reduction ratio up to 50:1. Because of the surface melting technology, the outside of the foam block looks like a stone and the inside would not expand again.

The benefits of PE foam recycling by GREENMAX can reduce environmental pollution, save energy and resources, transportation and storage costs. Besides, it has low operation and maintenance fee, the granulation of which can also earn money. So many advantages are waiting for you to join.