INTCO Visit Different Places to Make Market Research Before 2015 SPG

We know that the 2015 SPG is coming and a lot of seafood related industry will come to the exhibition. Our company have already made a good preparation and the exhibition participants have arrived at Belgium early. Meanwhile, they also visit the local market and visit different places’ people. Booth No.: Hall4 4 5819.

During the visit period, they went to the local factory and have a lot of findings about recycling machines and waste handling method. Importantly, we have also visited our old customers to get much more feedback.

We have visited a recycling factory and the factory have bought our machines many years. In the factory, we found the machine still operate very well. The importance is that we have get much more information about waste plastic foam recycling machines. As the feedback from email or telephones is limited, the visit is meaningful and could know clearly about our machines’ operation condition.

During the market research period, we have also found the promising market about EPS foam recycling machines and it is right that our EPS compactor will be shown in the exhibition of the 2015 SPG. EPS compactor could handle waste seafood boxes, such as fish boxes and some other seafood boxes. So much more waste seafood boxes can be recycled by EPS compactor or EPS hot melt machine. Then waste seafood boxes can be sold and reproduced after being handled and recycled.

We are a recycling company, and a lot of waste plastic foam were bought from our Greenmax machine’s buyers. So a lot of machine buyers have get a lot of benefits and they also will expand their recycling business. For one thing, they expect to get more money; For another, they expect to make contributions to the environmental protection.