How is the EPS foam densifier useful for business?


With the increasing demand for disposable foam food containers, express packages and other foam products, the use of EPS material has become more and more widespread. So there are more EPS manufacturers and producers. EPS waste disposal in the production process is inevitable. Maybe you know EPS foam recycling machine, but how is the EPS foam densifier useful for Business?



Solve transportation problems, save storage and shipping costs

EPS foam waste management involves many processes, the general process is collection, transportation, processing, granulation and reusing. Due to the light weight and large volume of EPS foam, a series of problems will occur in the process of collection and transportation. The most obvious problem is the high storage and transportation costs, so many recyclers are unwilling to accept EPS foam recycling.

However, GREENMAX EPS foam densifier will perfectly solve the problems of EPS storage and transportation. As a melting machine, the equipment can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1, that means if a truck can load 50 tons of loose EPS foam material, then it can load about 450 tons of EPS foam ingots after densified.



Save labor and shorten the waste disposal cycle

The collection and packaging of EPS requires labor. Some companies will use small balers, this type of equipment has simple functions and low efficiency. Frequent packaging processing consumes manpower. In addition, the time for recyclers to take EPS waste is generally not fixed, and we cannot determine the processing cycle based on the amount of waste. But with GREENMAX EPS foam densifier, you can deal with it at any time according to the amount of waste, and the foam melting machine is easy to operate, it only needs 1-2 people to operate effectively.



Expand sales channels and make profits

The hot-melted foam ingots are accepted by most recyclers and manufacturers, because it is a good raw material for new foam products manufacturing, and the selling price is more than twice that of loose EPS. After calculation, the project will not take long to recover the cost of the machine, but also make more profits.

Investment in EPS foam densifier is definitely profitable for the business and GREENMAX can provide the best equipment solution for your specific project.