How does EPS densifier help recyclers to recycle efficiently?


How does EPS densifier help recyclers to recycle efficiently? Before answering this question, perhaps you need to understand what EPS densifier is? Why do recyclers use it? This can help you get answers.



What is EPS densifier? It is EPS recycling equipment designed and developed by GREENMAX. The main function is to reduce EPS recycling costs and improve recycling efficiency. The equipment uses a rotating cutter to crush EPS waste, and then uses hot-melting screw transferred EPS dust to the heating ring, and finally the heating process is performed. The melted recycled EPS flows out like water. After cooling, it is as hard as a solid brick. Therefore, the EPS waste processed by EPS recycling equipment is called EPS ingot.



Why do recyclers use EPS densifier for recycling? Recycling is not a public welfare, profitable recycling is the best recycling. GREENMAX is not only a recycling machine manufacturer, but also an EPS ingot buyer. GREENMAX owns the terminal industry of EPS recycling, and has the ability to promise machine customers that it will repurchase the EPS ingots it produces at market prices to make exquisite photo frames, mirror frames, skirting, etc. Of course, EPS ingot itself also has a broad terminal market, which can be used as raw materials for stationery, hangers, park benches and other products.



The volume ratio of EPS ingot to EPS waste is 1:90. The high compression ratio of EPS recycling equipment allows recyclers to save energy in the storage and transportation ring, with high efficiency and low cost. It is so generally that the recycler buys a machine, as it is choose to cooperate with GREENMAX to carry out the EPS recycling project. GREENMAX, as a machine manufacturer and EPS ingot buyer, foam waste recycling to terminal sales, all can help. This is what EPS densifier can provide to the recyclers.