Market Insights on GREENMAX EPS densifier in 2019


EPS densifier is an M series machine developed by GREENMAX based on EPS compactor. Compared to EPS compactor, EPS densifier has greater capacity, higher compression ratio and more savings in storage costs.


2019 is almost over, and GREENMAX has conducted an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of the EPS densifier market this year to help people better understand what EPS densifier is.


First, the EPS densifier market is mainly concentrated in the following regions: Italy, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, South Africa, Egypt, Australia, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Since 2019, EPS densifier has worked with customers on five continents.


In general, the industries that need to consider the introduction of the EPS recycling project include packaging, retailers, logistics, and fish merchants. So far this year, the packaging industry more inclined to choose EPS densifier, especially for some large-scale home appliance packaging. This was related to the fact that the appliance industry began to provide door-to-door installation and bring back EPS packaging trash in order to compete for the favorable impression of customers.


According to the survey, the reason why most customers choose GREENMAX EPS densifier is that GREENMAX can repurchase the EPS ingot produced by the recycling machine. The customer believes that this is not only the choice to buy a machine, but also chose a stable EPS ingot buyer.


The EPS densifier machine is gradually being chosen by more and more customers, and the proportion of the EPS recycling market is also increasing, but this does not mean that the EPS compactor is being eliminated, but only the customers choose according to the actual situation.