M-C200 recycled PSP

PSP Foam Recycling Densifier Video

M-C200 in Australia

INTCO manufactures GREENMAX recycling machines. Greenmax Polystyrene(EPS) Densifier helps you to deal with Polystyrene Foam waste

M-C200 in Romania

GREENMAX Polystyrene Densifier Machine M-C200 Operated by Recycler in Romania

M-C200 in France

GREENMAX EPS Foam Densifier M-C200 Operated by Manufacturer in France

M-C200 in USA

GREENMAX PE Foam Densifier M-C200

M-C300 in USA

GreenMax Styrofoam recycling machine M-C300 operated by Home Appliance recycler in USA

M-C300 in Canada

Polystyrene recycling machine M-C300 operated by the Furniture store in Canada

M-C300 in Canada

GREENMAX Polystyrene Densifier M-C300 Operated by Furniture Store in Canada

M-C300 in Australia

Greenmax Styrofoam Recycling Machine M-C300 operated by logistics company in Australia

M-C300 in Australia

GREENMAX Polystyrene recycling machine M-C300 by Home Appliance Logistics company in Australia

M-C50 in Australia

Polystyrene Recycling Machine M-C50 Operated by Logistics Company in Australia

M-C50 in Mexican

GREENMAX Foam Densifier helps a Mexican manufacturer of EPS dust recycling

M-C50 in USA

GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Machine M-C50 Operated by Top-Line Furniture Corp in the USA

M-C50 in USA

GREENMAX EPS dust recycling machine M-C50

M-C50 in USA

MARS C50 Hot Melting EPE Video

M-C50 in Canada

EPS Melting Machine M-C50 Used by Furniture Store in Canada

M-C50 in Malaysia

GREENMAX Styrofoam Densifier Machine M-C50 Operated by Government in Malaysia

Z-C200 in USA

GreenMax Polyethylene recycling machine Z-C200 operated by PE Fabricator in USA

Z-C200 in Czech

GREENMAX EPP Compactor Z-C200 Operated By Recycler in Czech

Z-C200 in China

GREENMAX EPP Recycling Machine Z-C200