GREENMAX Can Help Businesses Dispose Polystyrene Like Foam Sculpture

As far as is known, polystyrene foam is widely used as food containers, disposable cups, building insulation and packaging materials. It is also can be used to make sculpture. One sculpture studio made some giant rabbits by polystyrene foam. After that, workers added some green trims in the surface of white rabbits to let them look more beautiful and environmental.

Polystyrene is lightweight and can be easily moved and transported. So it’s convenient for sculpture studios to use it to create new art production. What’s more, artists can carve polystyrene easily by foam tools as it is 98% air. Foam material is inexpensive and light – usually weighing 15-30 kg per cubic meter. Expanded polystyrene does not lose its fundamental properties with time.

It is reported polystyrene is eco-friendly. However, it is harmful to environment without disposing properly. There are two common ways businesses dispose foam: landfills and throwing to ocean. Needless to say, it will does large harm to soil and marine life in ocean.

So how can people deal with the foam sculpture which we can see in the park and in front of the market when it is discarded? And what can we do to reduce the waste of the rest scraps of carving?

The company Intco Recycling provides polystyrene shredder which can make it a secondary use. GREENMAX is a specialist in foam recycling, it can help businesses solve the problem that the large volume of foam and the difficulty in transporting. With easy operation and advanced equipment, workers just need to throw foam scarps into the machine. And then long and white ingots will come out from the tail. The ingot is also a treasure that can be sold out to make pellets to generate revenue for companies.

Above all, as part of the same planet,it is the responsibility of each industry and nation to protect the global environment by recycling.