Polystyrene shredder from GREENMAX can help smash polystyrene foam containers

Polystyrene foam take-out containers, such as those from restaurants and grocery stores are not accepted in the curbside recycling collection, but they can be taken free of charge to a number of recycling depots across the province.

Polystyrene foam container is one of those substances that never degrades or decomposes in a landfill. So finding ways to recycle polystyrene foam is healthier for the planet and puts a discarded product to good use.


Very few recycling companies supply polystyrene recycling solutions, because the process for turning it into a useful byproduct is not cost effective. Some polystyrene foam products are easy to reuse again and again, such as packing foam peanuts.

However, consumers can also benefit from learning about ways to successfully recycle and reuse polystyrene foam products. Not only can consumers help the environment, but they can also make useful items or enjoy crafts when they recycle polystyrene foam.


Polystyrene foam containers are recyclable materials, but due to the bulky volume, it’s hard to manage these items. To conduct the polystyrene recycling, you should find professional tools to dispose the waste foams.

Polystyrene shredder from INTCO GREENMAX can help smash the polystyrene foam into small pieces, and the pieces can be compressed or melted through GREENMAX compactor or densifier. Such tools can help reduce the foam volume which enables people to manage the foam easily.


The mentioned polystyrene recycling solutions have already been supplied to many companies in many industries around the world. And nowadays, GREENMAX can help people save much costs and make a lot profits every year.