GREENMAX airpop screw press is widely applied for polystyrene recycling


Airpop, technically called expanded polystyrene, is a kind of lightweight, hard plastic foam insulation material made of polystyrene solid beads. Airpop is often used in product packaging, disposable dishware, and external wall insulation of houses.


People in the industry know that airpop can be recycled, but why don't many recyclers and local recycling centers accept this material?


The main problems are transportation and sorting. Airpop contains more than 95% air, it makes the material looks bulky and occupy a lot of space during storage and transportation. Now, not only the problem of polystyrene being bulky and difficult to transport can be solved, but also more and more people realize that expanded polystyrene is a treasure after being recycled.


GREENMAX airpop screw press machine is used for compacting many types of foam materials quickly and effectively, for example, the polystyrene express package, foam fish box, building materials insulation board, etc. Now, this type of machine is widely applied for polystyrene recycling. It crushes the loose foam material into pieces and then compacts it at a ratio of 50:1, which can greatly reduce the foam volume and make transportation easier and more cost-effective.


In addition to airpop or expanded polystyrene, our screw press can also handle other foam materials, such as XPS, PE foam, EPP and so on.


INTCO recycling guarantees that foam blocks produced by customers invested in GREENMAX airpop screw press will be purchased back at preferential prices. We have our own pelleting plants in China and Malaysia, and we need a steady supply of polystyrene scrap for a long time, so it is absolutely reliable to cooperate with us, whether it is machinery or recycled polystyrene materials.