GREENMAX reduces airpop transportation costs to build an airpop recycling system in France


Airpop is a thermoplastic that is technically recyclable, but in many cities it is not allowed to enter the roadside recycling bin. This is because the municipal solid waste is by weight, and the airpop is large in size but light in weight. The airport of a truck is only about 1,000 pounds. This inefficient transportation and high costs make it difficult for airpop trash to enter the city's recycling system.


It is estimated that France produces 110,000 metric tons of airpop packaging per year. If these packaging wastes do not enter the airpop recycling system, they may be buried in the land or dumped into the ocean, causing permanent pollution to the environment.


Fortunately, in France, a coalition of leading companies has joined forces to establish an “airpop recycling channel” in the country, first addressing the issue of airpop recycling costs. In fact, the solution to this problem is just need a professional airpop screw compactor, such as the GREENMAX A-C200.


GREENMAX airpop screw compactor machine uses screw cold pressing technology, which first smashes the aripop trash by a cutter, and then compresses it with a high proportion of the screw made of high-tech parts, and finally produces an airpop block.


This regenerative airpop block can greatly improve transportation efficiency, reduce costs, and most importantly, can be sold as a commodity to the end market to manufacture products, such as photo frames, park benches, to achieve real Recycling.


GREENMAX also promised to acquire a regenerative airpop block to help establish “airpop recycling channel” in French.