EPS Foam Recycling Career in the U.S.

This is an American EPS recycler, they have ever encountered a lot of difficulties in processing so much waste Styrofoam. Is waste polystyrene foam recyclable? How to process and recycle waste Styrofoam? What is the best method to collect and reuse the EPS scarp? How to solve the white pollution?

Later on, they found that INTCO GREENMAX recycling machine can help them to solve a series of styrofoam recycling problems. With the increasing amount of waste plastic foam, EPS is not biodegradable and when not compressed it often ends in landfill where the light, but expansive material creates significant problems. EPS scrap can not disappear naturally so that it is easily cause white pollution.

eps recycler

In 2015, the American EPS recycler bought GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier MARS-C50, they have approximately 120000lbs per year of EPS. The largest piece of material that will need to fit into the hopper is 30x25x24.

greenmax machine

They hopes that GREENMAX may provide them with some direction on who might be able to recycle EPS foam. GREENMAX machine have a densifier system that handles EPS foam in the U.S. GREENMAX have that system installed and accept EPS material.

Being a recycler of EPS-waste, they have large volumes of styrofoam and they are having a really hard time finding companies that accept and recycle it despite having the #6 recycling logo. They have no problem recycling the EPS foam but this stuff seems to be a nuisance and they want to keep it out of the landfills if possible.

melted blocks

GREENMAX polystyrene densifier was originally developed to melt EPS boxes for the fishing industry where especially salmon manufacturers receive large amounts of boxes at their production facilities.