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Urgent to Recycle Waste Polystyrene foam or Styrofoam

PS (Polystyrene, abbreviation PS) is defined by the styrene monomer by free radical polymerization of synthetic polymers. It is a colorless, transparent thermoplastic, has a higher glass transition temperature of 100℃. It is often used to make a variety of needs to withstand the temperature of boiling water disposable containers, and disposable foam lunch boxes.

styrofoam material

PS has good water resistance, insulation resistance, low moisture absorption and seismic strength strong, and light weight, rugged, easy to shape, low prices, are widely used in packaging, moisture, water, insulation, shock absorption catering and other fields.

polystyrene foam crush

It is understood that most of the disposable polystyrene particles used tens of millions of tons of waste white trash are thrown into nature. But they are neither rot transformation, nor can be degraded to disappear. So it is likely to cause environmental pollution, and could also lead to the waste of valuable non-renewable resources. Thus, how to effectively recycle waste polystyrene foam has attracted widespread attention of national research workers.

smashed eps foam

At present, waste Styrofoam recycling methods can only be broken, and melted to produce another material. The current situation of Polystyrene foam for single has destroyed environment. So it has been imminent to develop a new recycling method.

compacted styrofoam

But now there are some useful Styrofoam recycling machines in market, which could help people make full use of waste foam. So waste foam recycling machines need to promote worldwide, and more people could get benefits from waste foam recycling. So don’t hesitate to devote yourself to waste foam recycling if you have the idea. After all, you could make contributions to waste source saving and environmental protection.