Several Ways to Recycle Plastic

Solutions to dealing with large scales of waste plastic have been a hot issue in today’s environmental protection age. At present, there are mainly five ways, burying, burning, composting, recycling and using degradable plastic.


Plastic regeneration methods after recycling include melting, thermal cracking, energy recycling, recycling chemical materials and other ways.

First, melting. Melting is to reheat the waste plastic and reshape it for reusing.

Second, thermal cracking. Thermal cracking is to produce burning oil and fuel gas by thermal cracking chosen waste plastic.

Third, energy recycling. Energy recycling is a way of using the heat produced during burning waste plastic.

Four, recycling chemical materials. Material monomer can be obtained from some kind of plastic.

Five, other ways. Except for the above ways, there are many other ways to recycle waste plastic. For example, breaking waste plastic into piece and mix with soil can improve soil’s water-retaining property, vent ability and drainage ability.

As to dealing with city waste plastic, we now mainly by burying, burning and recycling. Different countries choose different ways. America mainly depend on burying, Europe and Japan mainly rely on burning.