INTCO Celebrate the Finished CHINAPLAS of 2015

China International Rubber & Plastic Fair this year is the 29th that organized. This year the organizers set three major theme of the exhibition: X innovation, industrial automation and medical plastic forum with the State strategic policy of “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and “Made in China 2025”.

All topics are focused on the manufacturer of precision and green wisdom, new functional plastic rubber raw materials and high-end production equipment, machinery automation testing and emphasize the wisdom production, as well as plastic rubber technology brought the product innovative design of product appearance, the internal molecular structure and the product function to achieve the goal of sustainable development solutions and enhance the added products value.

INTCO have participated in the exhibition, and our boss also went there as a lot of visitors were expected to see him. INTCO is one of the largest buyer of waste EPS foam all over the world, and have made great contributions to world environmental protection. INTCO have formed a perfect waste EPS foam recycling circle as we buy waste EPS foam and sell products made by waste EPS foam.

Meanwhile, our company have also produced several types of PE foam recycling machines. EPS compactor could compact waste EPS foam into tight blocks. Also, waste EPS foam can be melted down to blocks. Finally, waste blocks will be pelletized and then will be made into other environmental production and useful products, such as picture frames, decorative molding and so on.

Chinaplas is a world famous exhibition related to plastic and rubber industry. So this is an effective way to introduce waste foam solutions to them and promote the development of environmental protection technology. In the exhibition, we have found people in East Asia, Indian and China know little information about PE foam recycling machines. INTCO have popularized environmental protection knowledge to them on the exhibition spot and they have great interest in waste PE foam recycling methods and machines.