Can Waste Polyethylene Foam be Recycled Now by Recycling Machine

Recently, Greenmax machines have a breakthrough in technology as new series of PE foam recycling machines have been produced. But the market condition is that most of people do not know whether waste polyethylene foam could be recycled and reused.

So now Greenmax machines will be introduced to you and we hope more people could recycle waste PE foam. As a result, waste foam pollution could be reduced. Greenmax machines could be divided into two parts, including EPE foam compactor and EPE foam hot melt machines. Both of the two kinds of machines could recycle waste PE foam and compact them into blocks or melt them down to blocks.

Both of the two types of machines could handle waste PE foam and the difference is that PE foam compactor is a kind of cold compression. But PE foam hot melt machines need heat to melt waste PE foam and waste melted PE foam could be extruded into machine slot. Finally, waste PE foam could be melted down to blocks.

Unluckily, most people only know PE foam and they are not clear whether PE foam could be recycled and they never even know that waste PE foam could be recycled by foam recycling machines.

Polyethylene foam recycling have been mentioned much, but we haven’t mentioned PE foam. In fact, PE foam is a new kind of recycling and environmental protection material. This material is widely used in a lot of fields, such as IT, electronics, hardware, precision instruments, high-grade furniture, life jackets and other packaging products. Meanwhile, polyethylene foam have a series of excellent features, including polyethylene foam insulation, moisture, anti-friction and corrosion resistance.

In a word, PE foam have so much usage and people know little about waste PE foam recycling. So we hope more people could know that waste polyethylene foam could be handled and recycled by plastic foam recycling machines.