2015 NPE Plastics Industry Exhibition will Begin

NPE Plastic Industry Exhibition will be held. As an EPS recycling company and plastic foam recycling machines manufacturer, our company participate in the exhibition per session. The show time is 22-26 March, 2015. And the venue is in Florida Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, and the holding period is triennial.

US NPE, the largest scale and the oldest plastics exhibition, is the world’s second largest plastics industry event. Sponsored by the American Plastics Industry Association. From the beginning of 1946, held once every three years, now NPE exhibitors, exhibition space, scale, and the number of visitors and strive to maintain steady growth aspects. US plastics industry is one of the nation’s largest manufacturing industry, which is in leading position in the global market in the plastics industry. 

The special is Emerging Technologies exhibition. The two emerging technologies exhibition hall is at McCormick location Alexic floor. An exhibition organized by the SPI related to nanocomposites, exhibitors bioplastics, sustainability, energy efficiency and energy production. Another exhibition will be open to all exhibitors application of innovation technologies, exhibitors assessed by the editorial committee composed of qualified media industry.

2012 Hall Scale: 93,000 square meters. The participate exhibitors: over 3,000 companies are related to machinery and auxiliary equipment manufacturers; plastic resins and additives manufacturers; mold manufacturers, instruments and automated equipment company, plastics manufacturing, marketing and many other end-use areas of professional firms.