Widespread of Styrofoam Densifier Has a far-reaching Positive Impact on U.S. Styrofoam Recycling

According to No More Styrofoam, a project aimed to raise awareness about the high threat that polystyrene foam poses to the environment, the citizens of the United States throw away 25 trillion cups made from Styrofoam every year. At the same time, how much Styrofoam does the United States recycle in a year? Actually, due to recycling machines like Styrofoam densifier gradually into people's vision, the latest recycling report shows that 136.8 million pounds of Styrofoam were recycled in the United States in 2019. But it is still far from comparable to the consumption of Styrofoam. In this context, many states plan to issue a ban on Styrofoam.


Most of the time, when the disadvantages of an object are revealed, radical people don’t think how to deal with it, but choose to ban it directly, thus ignoring the advantages of these objects. Styrofoam is one of the representatives. Isn't Styrofoam products widely used because of their convenience? Styrofoam products have penetrated into all aspects of our lives, such as fish box, furniture packaging, cups, Styrofoam leftover and so on. It is obviously not a rational way to ban it. Instead, like the suggestion of The Foam Recycling Coalition, it is excellent to apply Styrofoam densifier into Styrofoam recycling.


The Foam Recycling Coalition, Falls Church, Virginia, has awarded Collier County, Florida, with a $50,000 grant to encourage people to recycle Styrofoam with Styrofoam densifier. Compared with other states, this project does not require a ban on Styrofoam products, which will impose an additional burden on many companies because of the high cost of alternatives, in addition, it will not pollute the environment. “ We’re excited to receive this grant from the Foam Recycling Coalition,” says Taylor Sawatzky, project manager. After the application of Styrofoam densifier, more recycling access for residents is provided and the county is allowed to divert more material from landfill.


Weighing the pros and cons of Styrofoam, we will find that as long as we deal with it correctly, its pros outweigh its cons. It can be predicted that Styrofoam densifier is an excellent method to recycle Styrofoam completely, which is positive for the environment and benefits the American people in the future.