Why to Choose GREENMAX Recycling Machine?

GREENMAX is the total solution provider to EPS recycling, not only offers a variety of advanced foam recycling machine, more importantly, GREENMAX own the world's largest EPS recycling plants, turn EPS waste into treasure and reuse as PS Moulding and various building materials. INTCO is Chinese largest EPS scrap end user. We need 4000 tons EPS scrap per month, in order to meet the production need of factory frame industry.


GREENMAX has 15 years of stable procurement EPS waste procurement experience around the world. In 2008, we set up GREENMAX brand, we become one of Chinese professional team that can provide total solutions for EPS recycling, GREENMAX set recycling business consulting, polystyrene recycling machine, EPS scrap raw materials procurement and transport services.

In the process of procuring EPS waste from all over the world for 15 years, we find that more and more of EPS waste is landfilled or burned, do not get recycled, especially in the United States, Canada, such developed countries as well. However, it is very easily to cause white pollution and damage the global environment.

recycling styrofoam machine

While some guests have begun to compress EPS recycling business, but because the machine is too far old and inconvenient, a container can only hold 10 tons, they themselves are very worried. Due to the problem, GREENMAX have been developed their own EPS COMPACTOR and Styrofoam densifier, they are available to provide for EPS supply guests, then GREENMAX buy back the compacted EPS blocks from the EPS suppliers.

Why to choose GREENMAX?
1. Compared to Europe machine, GREENMAX machine is cost-effective
2. We can buy back compacted EPS materials blocks, provided total train service
3. The machine is provided in order to buy EPS materials, the quality is absolutely reliable
4. There are many success cases
5. It is very convenient for EPS waste treatment, you can also make money
6. Saving plant space