Why recyclers with foam recycling machine can hold recycling events for a long time

Except for California, Washington, no other state in the United States has incorporated foam waste into the urban recycling system. Foam waste generated in the lives of residents is not allowed to enter the blue recycling bins on the roadside. Instead, let recyclers with foam recycling machines organize regular recycling activities in the community.

Why do recyclers need to have a foam recycling machine for recycling activities? Foam contains 98% air content, is light in weight and bulky. These characteristics make foam recycling a high cost problem in transportation and storage, and foam recycling machines can solve this problem.

GREENMAX specializes in producing foam recycling machine, which are divided into three series of recycling machines according to the compression method. For example, GREENMAX foam compactor A-C100, equipped with a rotary cutter and a cold-pressing screw. Throws the foam waste into the machine hopper, and the volume ratio of the foam block and foam waste produced after crushing and cold pressing can reach 50: 1. At the same time, the maximum output per hour of an A-C100 is 100kg, which can fully meet the needs of a small and medium recycler.

A foam recycling machine can not only significantly reduce recycling costs, but also make the foam recycling a profitable project. Recyclers can sell foam blocks as merchandise to end markets such as photo frames and hangers to earn profits. In addition to selling machines, GREENMAX is also a qualified buyer.

You must know that purely public welfare community recycling activities cannot last long, and no one is willing to bear the large cost of foam recycling, except for the recyclers who own the foam recycling machine, because they can turn waste into profits.