Why not using Styrofoam densifier to reduce pollution while looking for alternative materials


People are eagerly seeking alternatives to Styrofoam in response to the current severe Styrofoam pollution crisis.


Paper bags are often considered a more sustainable alternative to plastic, but a British study found that paper bags have three times the carbon footprint of standard plastic shopping bags and also cause deforestation.


This may seem unfortunate news, but in fact, while we are looking for alternatives, there are other things we can do to delay Styrofoam pollution, such as Styrofoam recycling.


Compared with the government's choice to promulgate the Styrofoam ban, Styrofoam recycling can handle the Styrofoam trash that has been generated and can complete the second use of resources, but there is a serious disadvantage: the recycling cost is too high.


This disadvantage hindered the development of Styrofoam recycling until the development of Styrofoam recycling machine. GREENMAX is a well-known brand of recycling machine. It has developed three different types of Styrofoam recycling machines, the most classic of which is Styrofoam compactor A-C200.


The A-C200 model has provided tremendous help in the Norwegian fish market, solving the problem of stacking abandoned Styrofoam fish boxes every day. Styrofoam compactor contains cutter and screw. First, the waste fish box is pulverized by a cutter to facilitate the screw operation to squeeze out the air in the Styrofoam to produce a Styrofoam block with a compression ratio of 50: 1.


The air-free Styrofoam block is easy to stack, transport and sell. Because of the operation of the Styrofoam compactor, fish merchants can make a profit by selling the Styrofoam block, truly turning waste into treasure, while preventing Styrofoam trash from entering the environment.


Regarding Styrofoam pollution, the best way is to find alternative materials for Styrofoam, but while looking for this method, why can't we carry out Styrofoam recycling to alleviate the pollution situation?