Why is recycling with EPS compactor is the most economical choice for enterprises?


In the latest paper published in "Science" magazine, data shows that by 2040, the amount of waste polluting the ocean will increase to 29 million tons per year, and we are being inundated with waste. Upgrading of the solid waste management system is imminent. Not only does the government need to make changes, but there are also many measures that must be completed by enterprises. If costs and incentives are taken into account, recycling is the best choice, especially the use of EPS compactor for recycling.



EPS compactor was developed by GREENMAX, a well-known recycling equipment manufacturer in California. Unlike other recycling equipment brands, GREENMAX sells not only a machine, but also an economic cycle chain of EPS recycling attached to the machine.

GREENMAX was established in California in 2008. In the past twelve years, it has cooperated with recyclers, logistics companies, retailers and other industries in many regions and countries such as North America, Oceania, and Asia. Customers are not only interested in the precision-manufactured EPS recycling equipment, but also GREENMAX's rich recycling experience. In order to better serve customers, GREENMAX will understand the customer's EPS waste situation in detail, and recommend EPS recycling equipment with suitable capacity according to the amount of waste and the type of waste, and even customize machine models.



EPS compactor is the earliest recycling equipment model developed by GREENMAX. After continuous modification and improvement, it’s can recover EPS, XPS, PSP and other types of waste. The whole machine parts are supplied by high-end manufacturers such as Siemens, Phoenix, NSK, etc., semi-automated operation, simple operation interface, and can be operated with very little manual labor.

The EPS compactor combines crushing and compression functions into one machine. The EPS waste that is put into the hopper is first crushed into dust by a rotating cutter, and then transfer its EPS dust under the hydraulic plate through a cold screw. After a reasonable compression time and strength calculated by GREENMAX, The hydraulic plate compresses the EPS dust into EPS blocks.



The focus of the GREENMAX recycling economic cycle chain is in EPS blocks. EPS block, also known as recycled plastic, can be used as raw material for photo frames, mirror frames, skirting, wood-like materials, stationery, hangers and other commodities. GREENMAX owns the entire industry chain of EPS recycling, and also has considerable strength in the reuse of recycled EPS. GREENMAX promises to its own machine customers that it will purchase the EPS block produced by it at market prices to ensure the terminal sale of EPS recycling.



So why is it said that recycling using EPS compactor is the most economical choice for companies? Because GREENMAX adds more than ten years of recycling experience to EPS compactor.