Why GREENMAX EPS Compactor Is Trustworthy For Polystyrene Recycling Industry

Styrofoam cold compressors are divided into hydraulic and spiral types. The advantages of hydraulic foam cold presses are mainly high pressure and large compression ratio. The weight of each densified cubic foam block is about 400 kg. However, the disadvantages of hydraulic cold compressors are low velocity and high price.

Therefore, the most commonly used in the market is the spiral foam cold compressor. The spiral foam cold compressor is fast, stable and inexpensive. Due to this reason, the influence of international oil prices on the downstream market will become weaker. Others, the surge in polypropylene stocks has become the biggest factor in suppressing prices.

Many people pay too much attention to the price when considering to buy a styrofoam screw compactor, not the quality and configuration of the device itself. This is not advisable. Since machinery manufacturing industry does not stipulate unified national standard to constrain, and the equipment is based on the company's own conscience and technology.

Take the cold EPS compactor as an example, the same type of cold compactors, their material thickness, equipment design, reamer thickness, motor, reducer, etc. can be a big difference, the price will of course vary a lot.

Therefore, I remind our customers that when choosing equipment, we must think more on quality and performance. At the same time, the US crude oil market generally increased significantly. EIA crude oil inventories increased substantially for several weeks.

In the first week of September, the inventory increased by more than 1 million barrels. The number of new drilling has also been set to record. All of the above signs indicate that the crude oil market is seeking to rebalance the process.

GREENMAX is established in 2008, which is well-known for its versatile state-of-art recycling machines, for instances, cold EPS compactor apolo and zeus series, can give you a 50:1 reduction ratio, meanwhile, its new hot-melting foam densifier can have a higher reduction ratio at 90:1.Those densified EPS scraps can be sold back to GREENMAX recycling at a better price.

Under the help of GREENMAX EPS compactor, you can have a highly efficient output and greatly save the transportation fee and storage space.