Why foam densifier can ensure the closed loop of foam recycling


Recently, Environment International magazine published a new study. With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, more and more recycling projects are widely used, but research shows that tracing downstream of these recycling projects found that a large part of recyclable plastics (mainly foam) entered the landfill and ocean. GREENMAX regrets this research result. If you use foam densifier for recycling, GREENMAX can guarantee that is real recycling.



GREENMAX was formally established in California in 2008, with the main business of selling self-developed foam recycling equipment. In the more than ten years of development so far, as the recycling experience continues to increase, the added value on foam recycling equipment also increases.

After integration, GREENMAX officially launched the complete foam recycling project. From how to recycle foam waste to reuse of recycled foam material, the project forms a closed loop. Whether it is a recycler or a research scholar, it can be traced back to what foam waste eventually becomes after recycling.



GREENMAX's foam recycling project is centered on the foam densifier. Foam densifier combines foam crusher and foam hot melting machine into one. One machine includes two functions of crushing and hot melting. Foam densifier can densify foam waste into foam ingot at a ratio of 90:1, which greatly improves the recovery efficiency and reduces the recovery cost in storage and transportation.

GREENMAX will promise to its own machine customers that the foam ingots produced by buy back machine customers will be used as raw materials for the production of photo frames, mirror frames and other products. This is the reason why foam densifier is used for recycling, and foam waste is traceable. More than ten years of recycling experience has enabled GREENMAX to have a complete industrial chain of foam recycling.



If you are a company that has a lot of foam waste and needs to introduce a foam recycling project and has requirements for recycling terminals, why not talk to GREENMAX?