Why EPS recycling equipment can make municipal solid waste recycling systems run efficiently


When we Googled "Can EPS be thrown into roadside recycling bins", we will see some negative answers. The roadside recycling bin is a part of the municipal solid waste recycling system, which can quickly and easily collect solid waste generated in residents’ lives. But in the United States, so far, only four states allow residents to throw EPS waste into roadside recycling bins, they all have EPS recycling equipment.



Why don't most states include EPS waste in the municipal solid waste management system?

This needs to be explained from the characteristics of EPS. The reason why EPS is expand and soft is that it contains 98% air content. If it is packaging, fish box, dinner plate, EPS is the perfect material. If used for recycling, the expanded volume of EPS occupies a large space and is difficult to transport and accumulate. Without the aid of EPS recycling equipment, blindly incorporating EPS waste into the municipal solid waste management system will only reduce recycling efficiency.



EPS recycling equipment is a machine developed by GREENMAX to solve the problem of EPS expansion. According to the different operating modes of the equipment, EPS recycling equipment is divided into two types: densifier and compactor. Its main function is to densify EPS waste.

Different equipment modes will have different compression ratios, like EPS compactor. The whole machine is divided into two parts, the upper part is equipped with a cutter, which can crush EPS waste into foam. The lower part is equipped with a cold pressing screw and a hydraulic plate. The EPS waste is pushed by the cold pressing screw, and compressed by the hydraulic plate, and finally becomes an EPS block whose volume is reduced by 50 times.



Municipalities that have introduced EPS recycling equipment often set up a recycling center and place the equipment in the recycling center. The recycling center in Oregon will sell the produced EPS blocks to GREENMAX. GREENMAX will complete the final stage of EPS recycling, use it to produce mirror frames, photo frames and other products.

The recycling of EPS waste requires the help of EPS recycling equipment, at same time which means that less EPS enters the environment. What is happy is that more and more municipalities are cooperating with GREENMAX, including Petaling City, Malaysia, and Shanghai, China.