Why California recycler chooses EPS densifier produced by GREENMAX


In California, millions of residents are committed to reducing waste, and one of the most common ways for residents to reduce waste is through recycling. According to data, the state has the highest recycling rate for EPS materials. The blue trash cans on the roadside are full of EPS trash generated in life. About 59% of EPS materials in California are put into EPS densifier.



98% of the composition of EPS is air, because its unique expansion characteristics make the cost of EPS recovery too high. Recyclers refused to accept EPS trash until the development of EPS densifier. Recyclers need containers for collection and mass storage for EPS trash as well as processing equipment such as compressors. EPS densifier M-C100 is a professional compressor for EPS. It is developed and produced by GREENMAX, a famous California recycling machine brand, and is becoming a recycling helper for more and more recyclers.

EPS densifier M-C200 uses a combination of crushing and hot melting. EPS trash is first smashed into foam by the rotary cutter built into the machine, and then falls into the hot melt screw, which is produced after melting at high temperature. The melted EPS trash is soft, and after artificial finishing and cooling, it resembles a solid brick. Therefore, we call it EPS ingot.



One of the reasons why recyclers start EPS recycling is that GREENMAX solved the problem of high cost, but other reason is the huge demand in the end market. EPS ingot is the raw material for skirting boards, park benches, hangers and other products. GREENMAX also repurchases it for the production of exquisite photo frames.



The huge market potential of EPS recycling has attracted more and more recyclers chooses EPS densifier. GREENMAX also has always been committed to providing customers with complete EPS recycling solutions.