What is the Best Method to Recycle Seafood Boxes Packed in EPS Foam

“EPS fish boxes may not be everyone's choice for a lead role in the movies but it was about time the humble white box was given a chance to take the spotlight,” according to David Emes, Chairman of the British Plastics Federation EPS Group. It undoubtedly demonstrates the urgent requirements of seafood for recycling EPS foam seafood boxes, which is the source of headache for seafood companies due to non-degradable naturally.


The majority of seafood companies choose to landfill used seafood boxes, which not only pollutes the environment, but also requires a lot of waste management costs. There is an old saying that interest is all the power of human action, so landfill is not an excellent method for seafood companies. Thus some other visionary companies have chosen EPS foam compactor, which is equipped with advanced technology, to recycle foam.


EPS foam compactor is a kind of foam recycling machine based on cold pressing technology, which can process the foam efficiently. Blumar Seafoods is one of the beneficiaries of EPS foam compactor. Founded in 1946, Blumar Seafoods is a global company dedicated to fisheries and aquaculture. They produced a large number of EPS foam seafood boxes, which seriously affected the effective operation of their main business, so they chose to landfill. However, landfills not only need high cost, but also recyclers can't collect them in time. When they heard that GREENMAX was committed to recycling EPS foam, they chose to cooperate with GREENMAX and purchased an EPS foam compactor A-C200, which solved the urgent need of EPS foam treatment and made them very satisfied.

For seafood companies, the biggest advantage of GREENMAX EPS foam compactor over landfill is that it is not only a sustainable high-quality recycling scheme, but also forms a recycling closed-loop. After the treatment of EPS foam compactor machine, EPS foam can reduce the volume to 2% of the original pressing blocks, which can be sold to recyclers or purchased back by GREENMAX. For profit-making enterprises, this is undoubtedly the best solution to deal with EPS foam box.