What is the best guarantee for customers to recycle EPS foam


Did you know that in many areas, up to 98% of EPS waste still ends up in our waste stream, which accounts for 25% to 30% of landfills? However, as a popular packaging material, EPS can be recycled effectively.


Why don't we recycle more EPS foam? One reason is that many people don't think EPS is worth recycling. It is difficult to collect natural and lightweight materials so that the slightest breeze blows away the bulky foam. Historically, it has been difficult for those who is trying to recycle EPS to find an effective and affordable process for recycling EPS waste. It used to be a chaotic and slow process, lacking the ability to handle large amounts of foam material.


INTCO recycling has developed a complete EPS recycling system. As a terminal user of EPS foam, INTCO has purchased EPS scraps for photo frame and decorative molding production in the world. In order to cooperate more closely with our suppliers, INTCO recycling started develop EPS recycling machines. In 2018, GREENMAX foam recycling machine has begun to put into use. INTCO recycling has formed a one-stop service of selling foam recycling machines, buying foam blocks, and applying granulation to photo frames.


By converting all types of EPS foam into products such as photo frames, environmental pollution is greatly reduced, and the high productivity EPS densifier greatly reduces the costs by each operator. After crushing the EPS into pieces, GREENMAX foam densifier heats and melts the foam waste, and densify it into dense foam ingots, which are 90 times smaller than its original volume.


Through the GREENMAX machine, customers have satisfactorily reduced the total amount of waste transported up to 80%. To be more importantly, GREENMAX purchases back your recycled EPS blocks at a reasonable price, this is the best guarantee for customers.