What are the general benefits of waste EPS recycling


Commonly referred to as EPS, foam #6 is a thermoplastic, so it can be technically recycled again and again, so EPS recycling is particularly important. While what are the general benefits of waste EPS recycling?


First, EPS foam has practical value after compaction. There are now many markets for foam waste and the price they pay often exceeds the price of cardboard and other popular recycling commodities. EPS recycling is also of great significance to the environment. EPS foam is difficult to degrade and will cause continuous pollution to the land after several years of landfill.


Making EPS products requires petroleum, a non-renewable resource. Therefore, the recycling of EPS can reduce the amount of oil needed in the manufacturing process. Of course, this is not a pure gain, as some energy is still needed to transport and reprocess the material.


The most obvious benefit of EPS recycling is that it reduces waste on land and in the sea. Hard to degrade naturally, EPS will stay indefinitely. The city had to spend money to clean it up, that's why some cities, including San Francisco and Seattle, have banned the use of EPS in takeout food packaging.


EPS takes up space in landfills, where it will remain for hundreds of years. The industry argues that this is not a real drawback because landfills are sealed against moisture and water and do not promote biodegradation. This is why EPS is not suitable for traditional landfill treatment.


EPS recycling can bring profits to businesses. Recycling companies can recycle EPS waste, but they often refuse to accept the recyclable material because of shipping costs. For end users, EPS recycling is not their main business, and only substantial profits can drive the development of EPS recycling projects. Therefore, more and more recyclers and end users begin to adopt GREENMAX EPS compactor to improve production capacity, save labor and earn more profits.


EPS recycling is not only important for the environment, but also a good opportunity for enterprises to start new business and make profits. With the development of professional equipment and technology, the recycling rate of EPS will increase greatly.