Waste Styrofoam can achieve its value through GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor

Styrofoam, known as a trademark of Dow Chemical Company since 1941, has gradually become the necessities in our daily life. With the applications in a variety of consumer products, waste Styrofoam disposal has become a common problem we need to face.

Styrofoam is used in a number of applications across a wide range of industries. It is most uniquely useful for its application as commercial packaging, such as furniture packaging, food containers and the packaging of some fragile issues.

Actually, Styrofoam contains more than 95% air, the large volume causes difficulties in its recycling process. Although Styrofoam turns out to be recyclable, it can't be placed in curbside recycling bins and is always not accepted for some recyclers. Because sorting, storing and transporting the puffy material is labor-intensive and inefficient.

Before effective recycling, waste Styrofoam is always end up in landfill. The rubbish is still rubbish, and this behavior will cause irreversible damage to our environment.

Fortunately, GREENMAX, an effective Styrofoam recycling machine, is able to turn waste Styrofoam into treasure. GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor can compact the waste foam with the process of screwing, crushing and compressing, which will make the first step of Styrofoam recycling easier and more efficient. The screw compression technology produces continuous logs at a ratio of 50:1, which means the compacted Styrofoam block is 50 times smaller than before. Therefore, the problem of polystyrene storage and transportation can be easily solved.

The dense "ingot" of compacted Styrofoam can be sold to manufacturers worldwide. The recycled Styrofoam is used to make pens, picture frames, children's toys and a host of other products. Waste Styrofoam has achieved its value though the Styrofoam compactor.

GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machines aim to turn waste into treasure, moreover, it can reduce environmental pollution and return us a better and healthy life.