Waste polystyrene can be recycled for further uses in the recycling industry

According to China Daily, a photographer has taken a shocking set of photographs in the Caribbean that show the surface of the ocean, which was supposed to be clear but instead was covered with waste plastic and Styrofoam.

The photographer Caroline Power said it was "breaking down" to see pieces of waste plastic floating around the island of Roatan and the coast of Honduras. The ocean is full of all kinds of garbage, such as plastic bags, Styrofoam cups, polystyrene foam containers and all kinds of other waste plastics. Sadly, many turtles, fish, whales and seabirds mistake these plastic fragments for food.

"To see something that I care so deeply for being killed, slowly choked to death by human waste was devastating. Once the trash is in the ocean, it is incredibly difficult and costly to remove. The key is to stop the trash before it enters the ocean.”she told The Telegraph.

Blue Planet Society, which aims to end the overfishing and over-exploitation of the oceans, believes the rubbish comes from the Motagua River in Guatemala, which has been washed into the sea by torrential rains.

Ms Power adds,“There is a lack of infrastructure and education, so many people either burn trash or throw it into rivers”.

If we want to recycle waste plastic and Styrofoam, we must have a kind of plastic recycling machine with advanced technology and more energy efficiency. Thus waste Styrofoam or plastic can be recycled for further uses in the recycling industry.

Styrofoam compactor is just a kind of plastic recycling machine which can help you solve the problem of polystyrene recycling. The machine can reduce the volume of the bulk foam with high ratio of 50:1. The waste foam will turn into EPS blocks after crushing and compacting.  After compaction,it can be reused to make other useful products such as framing products.

In the road to protecting our ocean, we must take the right actions to reduce the waste and turn the waste into further uses to save resources. If you are interested, welcome to leave your comments.