Waste and recycling collection workers are using Styrofoam densifier to keep the city clean

During this special period, for our own safety, most of us stay in the home, but there are still many people who are working hard to maintain the normal operation of society. Waste and recycling collection workers are one of the current key workers. They are working hard to throw the Styrofoam waste from the roadside recycling bin into the Styrofoam densifier, they are doing a fantastic job.

At least once a week, waste and recycling collection workers driving garbage trucks will come to the community to collect the Styrofoam waste accumulated in the blue recycling bins on the roadside, and then transport them to the recycling center set up by the government. At the recycling center, a professional recycling machine Styrofoam densifier M-C50 is in operation.

The Styrofoam densifier is purchased by the government, mainly for the expansion characteristics of polystyrene foam. This machine has a built-in rotary cutter and hot-melt wire rod.It is first crushed into foam by a cutter, and then heated by a hot melt screw at high temperature. After melting, Styrofoam will flow out like water, but after cooling, it will be as hard as a solid brick. We call it Styrofoam ingot.

The volume ratio of Styrofoam ingot to Styrofoam waste can reach 90: 1, saving a lot of storage space and transportation costs. In addition to buying recycling machines, the recycling center set up by the government also cooperates with GREENMAX, and GREENMAX acquires the Styrofoam ingots to produce beautiful photo frames.

During the COVID-19 crisis, the ability of local authorities to maintain the daily lives of residents may change, and Styrofoam densifier may also cease to function due to the closure of the city. But if you see waste and recycling collection workers this morning, give them a wave or a thumbs up through the window!