Vice Governor of Shandong Province Visited INTCO Group

Wang Shujian, Vice Governor of Shandong Province Wang, Song Zhenbo, the Party Secretary, and others came to inspect Shandong INTCO Recycling Resources Co., Ltd.


INTCO frames

On June 27, Wang Shujian, the Vice Governor of Shandong Province, and more than 20 people came to visit INTCO Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. And conducted business research, Song Zhenbo, the Party Secretary, and others accompanied the research.


intco plant

At Shandong INTCO Recycling Resources Company., with the accompany of Frank Liu, the chairman of INTCO group, Wang Shujian visited the Showroom, listened carefully to Intco Recycling entire environmental cycle process that from EPS scrap to be processed into decorative products such as exquisite frames. In the exhibition hall, Vice Governor Wang Shujian looked at the product segments like the effect of different materials in detail, and realized that these are recyclable PS re-processed products.


INTCO Recycling

After listening to the chairman of Shandong Intco Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. Fank Liu introduced information about environmental protection concept, the Vice Governor Wang Shujian gave fully affirmed for "to introduce foreign advanced production technology, to create industrial production advanced 4.0 line" and "make full use of waste heat of production, performed within the factory internal resource recycling". Wang Shujian vice governor pointed out that in the current state, implementation of the new environmental requirements, companies must strive to promote the progress of science and technology development, continue to root out product innovation, do a good job in saving and environmental protection within the enterprise, so that enterprises can become bigger and stronger, achieve sustainable development.


intco show room

In the workshop, the chairman of INTCO group Frank Liu, vice governor Wang Shujian to introduce a variety of new Styrofoam recycling machine, the improvement situation of production technology, when Vice Governor Wang Shujian saw the products that from recycled PS granules to produce fine frame products through a complex production process, he said that we are pleased to say that the company must master the core technology, only mastered the core technology, in order to take advantage of a dominant position in international competition in the current society, can we improve product margins.

INTCO visit


After visiting the factory, the chairman of INTCO group Frank Liu showed a detailed report to the Deputy Governor Wang Shujian about the company's growth, the net profit level, the development prospects, Frank Liu introduce said: "At present, enterprises entered into a faster pace of development, the company currently maintain a relatively rapid growth, rising profits, are expanding production capacity to better meet the growing customer demand. enterprises have been adhere to "send out" and "bringing in" development strategy, INTCO not only will send more talented employees to go abroad study and research, also introduce the world's advanced production technology and equipment with the crystallization of human wisdom serving humanity. "when finished hear the report, Wang Shujian stressed that INTCO Group seized the opportunity to accelerate industrial upgrading and adapted to the country's new policy, INTCO is bigger and stronger, and made greater contribution to the local industrial economic development!