Valid Recycling Densification Technology of EPS Foam Insulation Panels

The global EPS market is estimated to be 6.62 million tons. North America accounts for 10.1% of global sales. EPS foam has been applied to every corner of our life. Perhaps people know that the EPS foam is the material for express packaging and fish box while do not know that EPS foam is often used in the manufacture of insulation panels. EPS foam has great potential in the insulation panels Market. It can be used in roof, wall, floor, underground, and structural GEO foam applications.

As the old saying goes, for every plus, there is a minus. Although EPS foam insulation panels are beneficial to the living environment of houses, they also produce a lot of EPS foam waste, mainly from the surplus during the construction of houses and the insulation panels during the demolition, which is usually thrown and give rise to environmental pollution. With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, new EPS foam recycling technology should be put into the treatment of EPS foam insulation panels, such as EPS foam densifier, a recycling machine based on densification technology.

As for the builders who have many insulation panels, since EPS foam is bulky in volume and light in weight, which occupies much space. EPS foam densifier can densify it by hot melting and form it as the EPS foam ingots. It only requires a few simple steps to complete the treatment of EPS foam. As soon as it is put into operation, EPS foam will be torn into many small pieces. After heating, it will be extruded by the screw, and ingots will be formed which is only 1/90 of the original size.

Nowadays, EPS foam densifier has been recognized by more and more recyclers, especially under the ravages of covid-19, the transportation and collection process of EPS foam has become longer. For many people with a large number of EPS foam insulation panels, an EPS foam densifier is absolutely a method to obtain the maximum benefits with the lowest cost.

As a matter of fact, the recycling company has not stopped the research and development of densification technology. Taking the leader of the recycling industry in North America, GREENMAX Recycling, as an instance, the company has designed a variety of models for EPS foam densifier, which can be used by different customers, and will also buy back customers' hot melting ingots that used to make photo frames and other elegant items, so that they have no worries after recycling.